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Twin Peaks - Spoilers Inside!


Something I realized regarding the green ring–it’s to bring BOB back to the Black Lodge, not the doppelganger. Ray’s mission was to kill the Bad Dale and put the ring on him to return his corpse, and thus BOB, to the Lodge. Presumably this is what MIKE wants the good Dale to do, as well. Ray was operating under Phillip Jeffries’s orders (who possibly works for the Fireman) but I think it’s safe to assume that both Lodges want BOB to return to the Black Lodge.

Hell, that adds another meaning to “The Return” title as well.


One thing that really surprised me about Twin Peaks: The Return is that the prominence of characters who were portrayed actors who have passed away: Philip Jeffries, Major Briggs, and BOB. I mean, yeah, I sort of expected BOB to have a presence considering the season two cliffhanger, but he could have been easily replaced with Kyle McLaughlin instead of archive footage of Frank Silva.


So what are the things that are going to be resolved in the last two part episode of next week? Doublecooper’s quest, BOB’s final fate, the Experiment/Mother, whatever is up with Laura, the Audrey situation, the real Diane’s whereabouts, Naido’s relevance to the resolution, the girl that swallowed the frogbug, Sarah Palmer, the buzzing noise in the Great Northern, Becky and Steven, green gloved Freddie, whatever is going on with Billy, the situation with Red and Shelly, the “Chinese designer drugs” that are doing the rounds, the sickness that seems to be infecting Twin Peaks, whatever happened with major Briggs and Ruth Davenport…and of course how will Jerry Horne find his way home. :smiley:

Any more?


Who or what is Judy.


I’ve read a theory Judy is the codename for Garland Briggs…y’now, Judy Garland.




Oh, that would be awesome. I’ve been assuming she’s the demon inside of Sarah.


I’m assuming she’s Naido. Who is Jodie’s sister.


But the Bad Dale hasn’t met Naido. He met Sarah when he was the real Dale; Jeffries counted their meeting in FWWM as him meeting the Bad Dale, so the same applies to anyone the real Dale met before the creation of the doppelganger. And if Judy is Garland, then the Bad Dale met him as the real Dale and when he forced Garland into hiding.


This will all be explained in the final episode where I am right. :wink:


The more I think about it, the more the Judy Garland thing makes sense. We know Briggs (his head, at least) has an existence beyond death, and he’d be more likely to be aligned with Jeffries than the demon inside Sarah Palmer would be. (I’d been assuming it was a Black Lodge and White Lodge working together to stop the Bad Dale from fucking them over kinda thing.)


Green Glove Man is going to punch the demon out of Sarah Palmer.


I was hoping for an extended last two episodes, so I checked my DVR.

Looks like both episodes are one hour, but I was surprised they’re both on this Sunday.
Didn’t know that. Not complaining, just saying (and making sure everyone knows).

And yes, I’ve been loving this.


In addition to my list, I also hope we will get some kick ass fight with the Woodsmen. I theorized earlier that maybe the gold shovels will be used to smack the shit out of those creeps, maybe the gold paint is their kryptonite. But knowing Lynch I think that may not happen. I guess we’ll see.


Can’t believe it’s only 3 more days.


Only 90 minutes now!! This has been one of the longest weeks of my life. :smile:



I hope we finally find out how Annie is.



It ended pretty much as I expected. :slight_smile: