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Twin Peaks - Spoilers Inside!


Season 1 for sure. Then it got kinda boring due to how much it would…crunch things together.


I agree, I don’t mean to shit on Game of Thrones, It’s amazing. It’s just that Twin Peaks is far better. :slight_smile:


It’s possible that the only thing more entertaining than Twin Peaks is being someone who doesn’t watch Twin Peaks but still reads this thread.


That’s like not reading nor ever having read Planetary and reading the book club thread.


I feel so exposed!!


Honestly, the show sounds amazing for the informed viewer, but for an outsider like me the discussion is completely impenetrable. :slight_smile:


I like the visual style of the show and some of the surreal atmosphere, but Lynch (and Frost, I don’t know who’s more responsible) can’t write a decent plot to save his life.

For me this would have worked better if it had been much shorter. And maybe if they hadn’t made Jeffries a tea kettle.


What other choice did they have?
Chief Kief didn’t come back as Sam Stanley.


Recast, or write a story that didn’t include Jeffries.


I can understand why it might come across as silly, but I love the tea kettle replacing Bowie, and the mutated sycamore tree replacing Michael J. Anderson (although obviously, as Anderson is alive, it would’ve been nice if they could’ve worked out his payment issue).

How’s that for impenetrable, @DaveWallace! :stuck_out_tongue:


His insane rant about Lynch would have stalled things.


Oh, is there beef between him and Lynch, too? I didn’t know that.


A few months before the show premiered he posted a crazed rant on his Facebook which, well, the gist was that Lynch based the show on his own life ie. He’s BOB and his Daughter is Laura.

In much more colorful language, of course.


I think there was more going on than just a pay issue. Anderson seems to have gone off the deep end, on his twitter he has accused Lynch of being a rapist and a murderer.

edit: oops , didn’t see your post Tom


He did it on his twitter too?


No, it could have been facebook.


Fair enough, for me personally the show has been a bit hit and miss, but others absolutely love it. That is fine with me, I am not saying other people are wrong.


Michael J Anderson did far worse than you might think.

I apologize for the source, but I couldn’t quickly find a less infuriating site.


They did recast. His voice in the Tea Kettles scene was provided by Nathan Frizzel. He and Bowie are credited with playing Jeffries in the cast list for episode 15.


Wow, that’s a shame about Anderson. His character’s one of my favorites in all of Twin Peaks.