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Twin Peaks - Spoilers Inside!


Watched the episode again.

I think the motel is the White Lodge equivalent of the convenience store. The architecture in the room holding Phillip Jeffries looks similar to the architecture of the building on the purple ocean that Dale landed on after falling through limbo. And the device holding Jeffries’ spirit is of course basically the same as those huge black radio things we’ve seen previously: the Fireman’s beacon in the White Lodge itself and the beacon on top of Naido’s house.

This would suggest that one duty of the Woodsmen is to facilitate meetings between Lodge entities. The convenience store and the motel are safe grounds (for spirits, at least–Major Briggs wasn’t so lucky), whereas the Lodges themselves are more treacherous. The Fireman can evidently walk between them but he might be the only one with this power.

Also, those images of the forest we kept seeing as the Bad Dale walked through the convenience store–I think that was suggesting that once he entered the room above the convenience store, he entered the mystical energy contained within the woods themselves. This might be what the ringing in the Great Northern’s about–something to do with the Lodges rather than the dead souls absorbed by the Ghostwood.

Oh, and that guy walking his dog? None other than Mark Frost, reprising his role of Cyril Pons, Twin Peaks news reporter from season 2.


Let’s just give a hand to the music skipping when the Green Glove came into action. Elicited a genuine laugh out of me.


That whole bit was hilarious,

And by turns, I agree with @Todd about Margaret’s last scene. Though every one of her scenes in The Return has been goosebump-worthy.

And I definitely agree that there’s something going on with Audrey and Charlie where they can’t or won’t leave that house. Whether it’s another alternate universe, or purgatory, or something else, I’m not sure. I think Charlie’s line about arguing right on the threshold is relevant though.


Something fun someone pointed out about Charlie, in his first appearance:

So he probably isn’t to be trusted. :slight_smile:


I’ve read the theory that Audrey is in an institution and Charlie’s her doctor. I can’t remember if they’ve said he’s her husband or not, though.

Now I’m leaning toward Audrey being alive. Charlie’s phone call in his first appearance mentioned a Chuck and we met Chuck this episode–Renee’s husband who attacked James and Freddie.


Audrey mentioned them being married, but I sorta felt like her subplot is maybe more of a thematic one. Like the coma has kept her in this kinda arrested development.,


All I keep thinking about in the Audrey/Charlie scenes is that his head is HUGE!


These two scenes seem to synch up!


That’s pretty cool when she screams although I don’t know if there’s anything to it.

I love that song by the Veils. So badass. Produced by El-P from Run the Jewels.


At 3 episodes left that bit with Ruby is gonna need to pay off STAT


I’d be happy with it just being a cool weird WTF moment but I have a feeling all these weird side characters, even the ones who don’t keep asking about Billy, will connect in some way.

The Ruby scene kinda works as a little music video for the song, too.


I figure it will pay off in the same way Laura’s killer’s identity did.
In that Cooper will suddenly have all of the pieces coalesce in rapid succession and the conclusion begins.


Not sure this thing is going to be all neatly tied up…and I am expecting a shock ending not unlike the original series had to be honest.

I hope the druggy mom who shouts 119 will have some kind of explanation.


So much great casting, all around.


Next week is going to be awesome.

although this week did leave me wondering if we could have just…excised a lot of side characters


All right, seems pretty clear that Dale’s gonna create a Dougie for Janey-E and Sonny Jim. I’m guessing he reunites with Audrey after liberating her from whatever weird asylum or possible alternate dimension she’s in. First he’s gotta face his doppelganger, though.

Nearly cried when “Falling” played during Dale’s return. Loved all the Dale worship in this episode. MIKE’s “Finally!” had me cracking up.

Naido is (almost certainly) the real Diane! Wasn’t expecting that at all.


I figure she’s still in her coma. Makes sense given how, if Richard is her son, no one has mentioned her.

And oh damn, I thought that Dale asking for MIKE to “create another one” was some sorta implication that Dale was the one to have seeded these in the first place, due to some time shenanigans. But yours makes more sense.


I came to the same conclusion when Coop was talking with the Mitchums in the car.

Also with you on the ‘second’ Coop asks MIKE to make being a new Dougie. Got that vibe from the way he spoke to Janey-E and Sonny Jim.


It’s sorta hard to hear, but when tulpa-Diane has her breakdown in Gordon’s office she says “I’m in the sheriff’s station.” She slurred the “I’m in the” part and I had to rewind to catch it. Either Naido was speaking through her or the tulpa had some sort of psychic link to her.

It’s interesting that Dale returned before confronting his doppelganger. I had assumed he was stuck in Dougie-mode because, in addition to the trauma of leaving the Black Lodge, he was incomplete without his dark half. I’m wondering if the Bad Dale represents something that was ever inside of Dale at all. I still hope this is the case because it’s so rich thematically and adds so much to Dale’s character. Dale waking up now doesn’t make that impossible, but it does change where I thought things were going a little bit. So does the idea that Dale’s goal is to return the doppelganger to the Black Lodge, rather than reabsorb him. Although something like that might still happen.


I thought the scene with Cooper saying goodbye to Janey-E and Sonny-Jim was surprisingly touching. You could that while Cooper had to complete his mission, he was really going to miss them.