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Twin Peaks - Spoilers Inside!



I hope Rick and Morty season 4 does a new Twin Peaks-inspired episode like they did this season with Fury Road.


But that episode was the worst of the season.


I loved their take on the Guardians of the Galaxy this past week.


I think that was the worst episode of the season so far.

But taking into account that Rick and Morty is by itself always better than anything comparable, it was not by any stretch a bad episode. Just not as great as the other three. :slight_smile:


I dunno, that’s overselling things. The first season was great at pumping interesting concepts and working with them for a half hour, but the second season onward there’s been a bit of an issue with using blustery cynicism in exchange for substance or some sort of point to these takes on established ideas. After a certain point you need to explore the concepts you’re going after, but it’s something the show refuses to do in exchange for a quick pace.

The Mad Max one in particular is an example of that, although the others this season have had some type of extra bite to them.


Taking on Twin Peaks would kinda require them to flex some different muscles, imo.


Although all history shows is some wryly apathetic remarks from Rick would be what we’d get.


I don’t think history shows that at all.



Deeply cynical more than wryly apathetic, I’d say.



That’s terrible.

We may see that character again, given his wife’s name: Linda.


Oh right, that guy…what a terrible thing.

I was wondering about that Richard and Linda clue. There is a lot left to be resolved in these last 4 episodes.


My friend expects a blow out.


I’ve read the theory that Linda is Dale’s daughter with Annie Blackburn and that she may be needed to oppose the Bad Dale and his son, Richard Horne.


Hmmm…I can see it. `


The one flaw in that is that apparently she lives in the same trailer park as her cousin, so it’s a little weird that the whole park knows about Steven abusing Becky and yet Shelly doesn’t find out about it until Carl Rodd tells her.

Not a big enough flaw to make the theory bunk, though.


The death of the Log Lady was absolutely gutting. I had tears in my eyes. That was incredibly powerful given Coulson was actually dying at the time.


Yeah that was some real bravery. She’s been amazing in all her scenes.

This episode has me thinking the Woodsmen are facilitator spirits again, rather than outright villains like BOB.

Very cool to see the inside of the convenience store and what’s become of Philip Jeffries. Also, the Jumping Man–is he the personification of the electricity the demons use to travel?

And is Judy the being inside of Sarah Palmer?