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Twin Peaks - Spoilers Inside!


This guy noticed something very cool about the boxing poster of Dougie’s boss, Bushnell Mullins:

The date of the fight of the poster is June 18th…which is when the next episode airs. Are we going to see Cooper in an epic four round fight?


I really hope we get something as awesome as that. I said above that it might be a little too conventional for Lynch to have Cooper “wake up” in or after a fight with Ike the Spike but that would be such a satisfying way to do it. Even more so if he’s protecting Dougie’s coworkers.


Watching episode 6 right now.

I want to see Dale back, but at the same time I’m enjoying the melancholy of the Doug Jones scenes so much that I kinda which we could have Dale back and keep Doug.

There’s something in Janey and Sonny Jim’s accepting reaction to Doug/Dale’s mindstate that has me gripped and I can’t quite put my finger on.
Like I know what Lynch is conveying but I can’t fully rationalise it to myself.

I love how Windswept has become Doug’s theme now. This piece of music will be everywhere by the end of 2017 going into 2018 as soon as people cotton onto it and reuse it in the same way that Tarantino’s soundtracks are used by those who don’t have the originality or taste to spot emotionally affective music on their own.

Anyway, fuck Gene Kelly you motherfucker.


Finished the second half of the episode when the wife & kids went out.

The kid being knocked down was brutal and disturbing and the murdering dwarf with the ice pick was also pretty full on

Twin Peaks is ruining the rest of tv for me, because after I watch an epsiode nothing else appeals, because nothing else can come close -

When a show can make you laugh, make you sad, freak you out, make you tap your feet, make you feel despair, make you feel disgust, make you feel hope and just generally make you see the world in a slightly different way - it’s hard for anything else to scratch that itch.

What Are You Watching? Infinite Season
What Are You Watching? Infinite Season

I’m staying out of the thread until I’ve had a chance to see the new series, but seems like a good place to leave this pic I drew…



Nobody can make a man walking down a hallway scary like David Lynch can.


This is kind of awesome: some people noticed that the windows in the airplane when it flies over the mountain flicker and turn white in an unnatural pattern. And theorize it might contain some hidden code.


Well, my balls have been officially tripped.


That is the most stunning episode of television I have ever seen and it puts most movies I’ve seen to shame, too.

The 1950s girl’s gotta be Sarah Palmer, right?

The show’s been channeling his thematic trilogy of Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive, and Inland Empire til this point, but tonight’s episode was all Eraserhead.

EDIT: Looks like the Woodsmen are most definitely evil, although maybe the super-fake look of Jurgen Prochnow’s beard in FWWM means he was spying on the meeting like Philip Jeffries was?

The woman who appears with the Giant is named as “Senorita Dido” in the credits. There is an actress named Erica Eynon credited as playing the “Experiment,” which is apparently the gray alien being we see in this episode birthing BOB (!!!) and which was the same being in the glass box from the first episode. Wonder what we’re supposed to infer from it being an experiment? Also, is it the “mother” that was after the woman Dale Cooper encountered in that weird limbo space in episode 3?

I think this episode also gave us a look at the exterior and origin of the convenience store where the meeting was held in FWWM. When the Woodsmen are repairing it it only has one floor, but when we see it again in 1956 it has at least two stories, if it is indeed the same place. (EDIT: Actually, looking back over the episode, the buildings look pretty different. But the first convenience store/gas station might still be the place from FWWM. “Convenience Store” are the only two words we see on the building, seems deliberate. And it’s obviously important to the Woodsmen, possibly other demonic beings as well.)

And shit, those Woodsmen look a lot like the homeless man from Mulholland Drive, don’t they?


I was calling the “Interdimensional Hobo Ghosts”. :wink:


Haha, I had no idea they were supposed to be the Woodsmen we saw in FWWM until I looked at the credits. Being covered in black grime isn’t exactly what comes to mind when I think of a woodsman.


And no episode next week due to Independence Day. :frowning:


Was that frickin’ Epic or what?
Very early on, before the halfway point (I think) we get a " Ladies and gentlemen, the Roadhouse is very pleased to present Nine Inch Nails!"

After that we get Lynch doing Kubrick (tell me I’m wrong, but back that shit up), and then pure Lynch.

This is an episode that begs to be broken down.
I could say I’m intentionally being vague to avoid spoilers, but really I need to find my missing pieces of brain.
I do have to get some sleep (but not for a while).


I dunno if I’m just going crazy or if my years of reading PKD and the Secret History have left me able to try to make some sense of that.

I took the giant naked being in space to be the Giant’s Black Lodge doppelganger, and that the Black and White tint denotes the White Lodge. The nuclear testing made crossing into our world more attractive/feasible since they travel through electromagnetic currents and such. The being in space creating/unleashing BOB and the eggs for obvious ends (the collection of Garmonbozia) and the Giant’s “warning signal” of this has him create the engine of BOB’s destruction…given their pseudo-cosmic/mysticality…I figure he knows Laura will lead to Coop will lead to their defeat.

@WillCarper, your comments about the woodsmen are great.

Overall, this episode is clearly where all the of the budget went. It is just stunning. And a few sequences almost made it seem like Lynch was close to pulling off Kirby Krackle in live action.


I think there’s still more to Laura’s story. Not sure what it is, though. But this episode makes me think her role in the Giant’s plan is bigger than summoning Cooper.


Oh definitely, I didn’t mean to come off as pigeon holing that.
There’s a reason why she was taken off the board so quickly this season - her presence will definitely figure into the climax if she was “birthed” as it were…by the Giant in response to BOB’s arrival on Earth.

And whoever took her knows that.


I think she might’ve been summoned back by the Giant.


I’m hedging my bets on Space Giant, but could be yeah.

And also, another thing about this episode is that it honestly could work as its own standalone monster movie. It is that good.


That’s exactly what I thought. Laura’s life is a closed time loop