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Twin Peaks - Spoilers Inside!


As the Season 3 premiere draws close, airing later today, I think this deserves a thread of it’s own.

Twin Peaks is a cultural phenomenon without comparison.

Are you going to watch it? What do you think it will be about?


I dunno…Kirby’s Fourth World might have a thing or two.


Lounge singer demons eating cream corn that is probably human souls.



I just watched the final episode of season 2 and I’m about to start Fire Walk With Me.

Sad we’ll never get to see more of David Bowie’s character. FBI Agent Bowie with a Southern accent was just too cool for this world.


He means a cultural phenomenon people actually care about.



I mean, I think before the huge push Twin Peaks and Fourth World had the same level of fan love.

And that’s not derisive.


I would say more people know about Twin Peaks than the Fourth World.


I dunno. Darkseid was on the Super-Powers cartoon, and had huge presence in the cartoons that everyone still likes to name check.

And the Omnibuses are at least on the level of the previous Twin Peaks DVD set


Who is your favorite Twin Peaks character? Are they set to return? Do you think they’ve changed? How?

Me, I love Denise Bryson and special agent Rosenfield. My favourite Twin Peaks moment is the one where Truman and Rosenfield hug it out upon meeting again when they last saw each other Rosenfield professes his love even though Truman punched Rosenfield in the face. It’s just wonderful.

Also, the scene where we meet Denise Bryson for the first time. <3

I don’t really know how they have changed. I expect some great stuff from Rosenfield, this being the last (?) role of Miguel Ferrer before his untimely death earlier this year…

And Bryson? I wouldn’t be too surprised if she’s turned into a man. But it’s a bit unlikely at this stage.


Dick Tremayne
You don’t change perfection.

It’s not an popular choice, but he was the only thing keeping the “town-only” subplots afloat in that second season. So he’s the real MVP in my books.



Seriously, the first instance with that insanely smug smile gets more chuckles every time.


Twin Peaks was a bit of a phenomenon in its day- from my childhood/early teen memory anyway.

I think most people over 35 will be familiar with it, or at least heard of it.


A lot of my professors have, yeah.

Most of them hate it cause of how horrible the second season was.


Do they know Lynch and Frost are back?


I mentioned that…they don’t really care.
Because for them it’s not a pressing matter of creators being back…to them it was this show from their youth that was horrible.


Half an hour left, or thereabouts!!!


My final review of the original series:

I will say there were a couple of times in the Black Lodge sequences that a got a little chill.


I think that both this and your earlier reviews were spot on. :slight_smile:

Good reads! :smiley: