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TV Shows you thought were from different countries than they were


Any TV shows you thought were British but were American or Aussie or shows you thought were Aussie but were British or British shows you thought were American?

Father Ted is the obvious “I thought it was Irish” one but if it was Irish, it would have had a stilted atmosphere, as RTE don’t really have comedy directors (ironic considering Ted director Dermot Lowney began directing shows such as the 88 Eurovision for Telly Eireann).

Other shows
A lot of dubbed anime can cause problems. I thought the Cardiff-based dub of the Moomins from the 90s was North American because of Garrick Hagon and an American accent-using Susan Sheridan as main voices.
The Thorn Birds - one of those shows you actually think is Aussie until you watch it and see that only two characters have Aussie accents.
I used to be confused whether Daktari was British or American having bought a Corgi tie-in at a toy fair. Its safari setting for some reason made me think the former.

The Muppet Show was a British-produced show with an American creator and characters.
Apparently the 1987 Max Headroom series was technically a British production, but filmed in LA.

And that most American of stories, Huckleberry Finn and his Friends was a Canadian and German co-production. A lot of Canadian shows can be misidentified as US,


Eh, we still count it as Irish. The writers were Irish, the cast were Irish, and all the exterior stuff was filmed in Ireland.


I do too and I’m Irish. Similar to how I classify James Whale’s films in Hollywood as British. British director, cast, crew, setting, basis, characters, writers, and an American shooting location, all but the last earning union jacks.
There’s more tricoloured points than Union Jacks in.
Mrs. Brown’s Boys also. British co-writer, director, entirely shot in Scotland, Irish cast, irish writer, Irish setting, Irish characters, 75 per cent British production with some money coming from RTE.


That’s where you get a lot of grey areas. Father Ted was commissioned and first aired on British TV but pretty much all the talent was from Ireland.
In films you get stuff like Harry Potter and even Rogue One that are Hollywood financed but made in the UK pretty much by a British cast and crew.
We’re only going to see more of it. Is ‘Derek’ a British show when it’s mostly funded by HBO? Where do the BBC America productions fit in? or The Crown?
(Netflix are even making shows in German, Spanish and Japanese now).


there’ve always been weird ones like that. ITC made a few US-based shows, eg Fury plus the Canadian Adventures of the Forest Rangers. The likes of Return of the Saint, Space 1999 and the truly international Jesus of Nazareth were co-funded by RAI, who in turn got addiitonal funding from ITC for local shows like the Adventures of Sandokan. The BBC coproduced the Martian Chronicles, the Third Man TV series and a few doomed Canadian series eg RCMP.


Don’t laugh, but it took me a while to realize Doctor Who was a British series.

I started watching it when I was about ten on the local PBS station (Tom Baker!) and it never really occurred to me that it wasn’t American or that it might be foreign. At that age, you don’t really think about things like that, who’s making the things on tv, only that it’s on Tuesday nights on channel ten or whatever.