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Trying to get a job


Thanks for your answers to my previous topic. I have read all of them, even the Matt Garvey topic. (Seriously, I printed ALL of the topic), but I have a question: I have been trying to get a job not only in the comic industry, but also in the videogame one.
Does someone know how to achieve success in this task?
Thank you for your time.


It’s just like any industry, you start at the bottom and gain experience and work your way up.

First you have to set a clear goal - What type of job in those industries would most suit your skills - then sit and work out a logical path over a certain amount of time, say 5 years. If it’s a job that you don’t have the skills for yet, work out how to form them, whether through education or experience, and go get them asap.

Here’s an example - comic book editor - If you haven’t got a degree in English you need to gain experience on the job. So first, let’s say you have absolutely no skill more than rudimentary knowledge - do an English course part time and then use the skills you are gaining to edit, for free, for blogs. Get really efficient. Find a position in a comic book or geek and nerd blog and hone that craft to the point someone will pay you a wage. Gain as much experience as possible and make ties with comic book editors looking to work with blogs to promote their comics. Be really good at what you are doing to the point where your ties within the comic book industry will throw some work your way. Use this experience to apply for more work until you find a long term position.

I used to work under an editor who basically is in the closing stages of what I’ve just described.

You can apply this to type of plan to basically any position in any industry, you just simply work out the path and then get on it. It’s a simple thing, but the hard part is the consistency and hard work you need until you get where you are headed, even when it seems like you’ll never get there, beating those moments of doubt with hard work will get you where you want to go!


Honestly I’d get a job first and get some experience rather than targeting one specific type of employer. Lots of people in that space make their way in later in their lives after a good few years working. Unless you’ve studied specifically for those types of companies and often they’re recruiting proactively (like software developers or marketing folks).

If you’re in a minimum wage type job work hard and raise your way out of it and more doors will open.


Meet people. Talk to people. Show enthusiasm and a solid work ethic.

It’s all about the people.


Thanks for the info. I have the feeling that both of my posts will be useful not only to me, but also for people who are in the same situation.