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Trying to find a letterer again...


Hey, all.

I’m gonna go ahead and repost this since I didn’t get a lot of replies last time. Maybe that’s because I suck, or maybe it’s because some didn’t see it. Either way, here we go again!

I’m looking for a letterer. For some reason, they seem to be quite rare. If you’re interested in collaboration, please send me an email at

(Or twitter, if that’s your preferred method: @JarredX)

Did I mention the pages are drawn by the super cool, crazy talented @Vinicius.C? Fun stuff! Hope to hear from you soon.


I offered to help, you numpty!


He’s obviously not impressed with your skills Matt, let it go. :smile:


I’m getting that feeling too! :joy:


I honestly forgot about you because I’m a terrible person, hahaha. Sorry!


I’ll message you later!


Not helping! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


To be fair, I did add that I was the terrible one :joy:


Am I kinda late here? I’m a letterer, and my schedule opens up a bit next week!
You can check my portfolio via this link
There’s a contact form there, but you can also write me at



Yeah, bud, I found someone a little while back that was exactly what I was looking for. I’ll save your contact info and hopefully the stars line up and we can work together down the road.


That’d be awesome, I’ll have to keep an eye on this forum more regularly!
Best of lucks with your project :slight_smile: