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"Transmit Him" T-Shirt Designs


Oh, hello there. I didn’t see you come in. Please, sit down, have a cheese-and-pineapple-chunk-on-a-stick.

So, yes, as some of you know, I dabble in t-shirt design and I would like to show off some of them so you’ll buy lots of copies be really impressed with me. By sheer coincidence, all my designs are discounted from tomorrow til probably Sunday (the print on-demand site I use is a bit like DFS and forever doing “three day” sales that stretch over most of a week).

Most of my designs are typographical ones, mainly because I didn’t have a graphics tablet until very recently. Also, they’re relatively quick to do once you’ve got the idea and I’m impatient. Started out with this Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye inspired design.

Decepticon Graffiti

I was originally aiming for one of those cool calligram designs (where words make up a picture) but stumbled into this style and it’s done alright for me so far. I’ve got an Autobot equivalent.


A surprisingly popular Deadpool one

Maximum Effort

and this Spider-Man one, which I’m not too sure works all that well. The webs clutter it up a bit, but removing them makes it looks weird and not very Spider-Man-y.

Friendly Neighbourhood

I did eventually do a calligram shirt, which it turns are really finicky and time-consuming to do.

Ba Na Na Na and [a darker version] (

I’ve been trying to do topical stuff, like this Civil War design.

Big In Leipzig

and Team Deadpool (along with some other Team shirts) but it’s quite hard to get traction when you’re competing with everyone else jumping on the same bandwagon. So I’ve been trying to branch out a bit into more meta ideas like this generic retro pop culture design.

But I think it might be a bit too odd for its own good.

So that’s some of the stuff I’ve been working on the past few months. I bought a decent, cheap graphics tablet a few weeks ago, so I’m hoping to gradually move into doing actually illustrative stuff, but I’ve not drawn regularly and properly in over a decade, so it’s slow going.
Any gushing praise feedback is much appreciated.


Love your designs, Martin. I came very close to buying one of the Batman shirts in the last sale. I ended up going with a George Reeves Superman one.

I was impressed with the customer service and quality of the shirts from TeePublic though. I would highly recommend them especially when they’re doing one of the $14 sales.


Great stuff, Martin!


Oo, that Superman one is good. I’d have gone for that as well over mine as well.


It was less that and more that it was Superman. :wink:


A couple of new designs I’m moderately pleased with; modern takes on I :heart: NY for the emoji era.

And a Suicide Squad one, designed when it looked like SS might be as big as Deadpool.


I love these! Excellent work.




it might be good to show a mock up of how the designs will look on the shirt (print size / placement etc).


If you click through to the website, it does. It even allows you to see it on multiple colors and multiple products. Here’s one. You can find the rest of Martin’s work here. Just click on the design you’re interested in to see it on the actual shirt or other product.


Yeah, as Ronnie said, the site shows mock-ups and given the variances of print-on-demand and the amount of different clothing options available, I just leave it to that and show off the design itself.


I’ve ordered from TeePublic before and their placement to what they show is pretty spot on. I’m actually pretty picky on that stuff as I generally want a logo on my chest and not my gut. :wink:


Yeah, TP’s pretty good. RedBubble’s really hard to judge becuase there are so many different types of top now and I’m rarely sure where the best placement is for some (a-line dresses for instance). Doesn’t help that the vertical centring button is broken now and throws everything half off the printable area.


TeePublic’s prices are better too especially when they do sales.


Yeah, I prefer TP overall, but it makes sense to have multiple sales platforms and the stickers on RB sell steadily (altho I only make about 10p on those). Weirdly, my RB sales tend to pick up when TP is having a sale, though that might just be payday proximity.


One for all you Megas XLR fans (yes, all four of you!)

Available on shirts, hoodies, mugs, phone cases and even notebooks. And it’ll be on Red Bubble later, where you can buy it as a clock, I guess.

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