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Transfer...My new comic "now with 8 free pages"


Hi guys and girls,

Hope everyone is fantastic!

I’ve been a busy boy of late making comics…well writing them and getting other people to draw them.
Got CHUNKS…#3 is being drawn as i type.
Cordelia Swift; my Steam Punk comic, the second issue is nearly finished.
But i also have one coming called Transfer.

I got first six pages of art back, so i have been playing around with colours just to see what it looks like.
I’m happy with the top panel, but hate the second.
But i was just doing a test.
So, i thought i’d tease you all with the first page! :smiley:

Love to know what you think?




Looks great. If the choice was mine I’d go for the second but I’m sure you’ll decide what’s right for the title.


Cheers Kevin,

Thanks for checking it out.
I like the second one, but the colour looks completely different on my screen…better.

I do like the the B/w though…looks very noir.

Maybe I’ll do two versions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I guess it’s down to the feel you want to relay to the reader and I’m always thankful for creator’s that take the time with such choices.
I was talking to Frank Quitely recently about the original Flex Mentallo colouring and he thought it just didn’t suit what the story and art were saying and was so glad they got a chance to do what they had originally envisaged later on.


That’s a really interesting example, because a lot of people (myself included) preferred the original Flex colouring in many respects. It’s partly just familiarity I guess, but also I felt like some of the more garish aspects of the original suited the retro flavour of some of the story elements well.

I remember having similar mixed feelings over recolouring jobs on Neal Adams’ Batman, Bolland’s Killing Joke and Simonson’s Thor (and again in all cases the creators said the recolouring was closer to their original intentions).


Yeah know where your coming from on all counts . I think there was nothing wrong from our point of view with any of those examples but I guess that’s where @mattgarvey1981 is lucky as he has the control those guys didn’t.


I prefer the black and white versions but it is interesting watching you sy about / experiment with the colours.


Or bumbling through the creative process?!
You decide! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Cheer, B :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m trying to learn how to do it, to keep my costs down.


Hahaha! No attempt to pass it off as a way of stretching your self creatively?


Well, there is that as well. :smiley:
I like to be as involved in making them as possible.
That’s why I letter myself too…
Plus I hate waiting around for stuff to be done. :wink:


What about this one?
I took inspiration form Matt Hollingsworth’s colours on Hawkeye.

or mono again?


See, I prefer the colour version of that panel. Subtle but picks up the details nicely. The second version of the first panel (the airplane one) up thread is pretty nice too now I look at it a bit closer.


Cheers, fella.
Yeah that second plane one is how it looks on my screen.
It looks much better.
And I’m really happy with that new panel, I think I might go for a Hwakeye-esq palette for the book.
It goes well.

Thanks again, mate.


Yep I’m with @DaveWallace.


Really like that panel with the cars in the ‘Hawkeye’ colour scheme. I think the second version of the plane panel looks pretty good too.


Cheers, Dave.

As I said the plane one was how it looked on my screen.
The first one I posted came out very green when I uploaded it on here.

I may Hawkeye the book :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The top coloured panel is beautiful. Seriously.

The second panel… well, I can see why you’re unhappy with it :wink:


cheers, fella.

i wiseguy, aye?! :wink:


I really like the colouring on that one, if you could adapt that scheme to the rest of the comic I think that’d be great.