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Train: A short comic about loneliness, social anxiety and public transport


Hey guys just wanted to share with you a short comic I just completed with the super talented Triona Farrell.

Script by me and art by Triona Farrell.

As always would love your constructive criticism and feedback


That was beautiful!

A great story with fantastic art. The way you conveyed the young woman’s social anxiety was subtle and masterful.

Great job!


Well done, Christof! Succinct and well-crafted. Congratulations to you and to the artist.


Excellently done.


This is very, very good.


Really beautiful stuff and may I say, as a commuter, wonderfully observed.


Thanks so much Todd! unfortunately it comes from my own struggles with social anxiety, so so glad to hear it came across as authentic.


Thanks so much!


Thanks heaps :slight_smile:


Thanks so much Jerry! Yeah Triona’s art is fantastic, she absolutely knocked it out of the park.


Thanks heaps Mark!