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Trailer for THE NICE GUYS


Crowe doing humour? Gosling doing humour? CROWE DOING HUMOUR?

I was ready to dis this movie from the minute I heard the casting as I’ve never seen these guys land a joke. They’re both great, but the idea of them delivering that sizzling Shane Black dialogue?

Now I’ve seen the trailer I have eaten my hat. There’s at least three great moments in this trailer and about a minute in I wanted to see this as much as Star Wars and Hateful 8. As ever, Shane Black can do no wrong. It’s been so long since I saw a movie like this I really want to SEE a movie like this:



It looks like a fun movie. I like that it’s set in the 1970s.


You had me at Shane Black. :smile:


Looks hilarious but also seems to have a gripping story. Gosling on the toilet and the door constantly shutting was my favourite bit.


This trailer really did make me smile :smile: It looks amazing, next to Trumbo and Leo’s Revanant,this will DEFINITELY be on my must see list.