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I just found out about this contest the other day. Gonna try my best on this to help me improve as a creator. Will use this thread to keep me working and just getting things done on a schedule. I did layouts for more. But will just put more polish on 5. And finish the rest for portfolio purposes.

As they only want 5 pages. Wish me luck. Even if I don’t win. It will def be a good learning experience for me.


Good luck, man! Honestly, losing the Millarworld contest put a boot in my ass to work harder towards this dream thing. Good things come either way, my man.


Thanks man! I missed the Millarworld contest…but will try it next time…I’m happy there are a lot of contests going on helping to open doors for new talent…Sequential art is def a really hard field to break into. so much to learn and study…but I am enjoying the process…I feel with each page I do I understand a little more


character studies in my own style …

Page 1 is done…under 5 hours…I might go back and clean it up more if I have time…but for now I want to truck on…I’d love to be able to do Kirby or Jr Jr type of output…I heard stories of them doing 4 pages a day…
Ugh after…getting some opions from friends…I decided to explore more options with panels 3-5…panels 1 and 2 have to stay cause its like a military google maps thing…I did 2 more versions…let me know what you guys think…I want to make them as strong as possible to service the story…I don’t want to make it so weird that it doesn’t serve the story anymore…

Need some critiques all opinions are welcome…as I’m still learning and want to improve as a creator…I feel I’m getting better with each piece I do…but still struggle at times with storytelling…what do you guys think of this layout for page 02 version 01 …its my first rough for it so I can still change it…Page 01 I settle for version 3 as others have told me its the strongest…

After talking to some people…I decided to do 2 more variations of page 02…Let me know what you guys think…Here is version 02

Here is Version 03


With all due respect to contest people, I think I’m about done entering them, even the Chief’s. I entered Top Cow’s first one, which spurred my sporadic attempts at breaking in. Honestly, it’s the sporadic nature of the attempts that hurt me more than anything. So now I concentrate on coming up with good scripts. I don’t know how far I am with that, but it’s worth pursuing.


I’m not sure about the other opportunities to be published as part of a selection process but the idea behind the Millarworld Annual isn’t for it to be a contest where someone writes one script just to get a spot on that annual. It’s meant to showcase new talent and give them a wider audience for what they are already doing. I think audition is a better word to describe it than contest. So if you love creating comics, you should never stop writing or even trying to put together your own comics.


Sounds like the contest isn’t really for someone like me anyway, and that I really am better off working on my own stuff and/or finding collaborators.


Hey YoungDuke. I can see your point. But I feel its good to just put yourself out there regardless…you really have nothing to lose by trying them…I think you actually win regardless…the experience of getting it done is in valuable…I just look at it as experience I can gain by doing it…and just getting my name out there…so people know who I am… I haven’t done any serious art in 6 years. so it gives me a kick in the pants to pursue my dream of being a creator. I would love to write and draw and color my own book one day. But for now I’m just teaching myself and having fun. But for sure I’d love to win! but I’m not thinking of that right now.

Thanks RonnieM for your input. I would love to participate in the next comp you guys host here. As Miller is an inspiration to me to do great work.


Here is page 03 layouts version 01…I’m trying to use Jim lee’s Z pattern I found on youtube in my story telling on leading the eye…let me know what you guys think I can improve on …I want to be as strong a story teller as possible to my abilities at the moment. I don’t want to sacrifice the story for a cool angle or strange panel layout…I struggle with it a bit…I feel I’m getting better though with each page I do…


Page 04 layouts…all critiques are welcome…I was trying a Gibson style grid pattern from watchmen on this page.


It may be so. But lately I’ve been working on experience with the relatively low-risk Write Offs here (cheap plug), learning to be okay with that and not whether or not even fellow participants particularly care or understand what I’m doing. I don’t know if this actually helps me, but it keeps me writing.


As long as you are doing what you love to do that’s all that matters. Its the same for me. I’m just gonna keep creating till someone gives me a chance… This competition is more fun and learning for me. and also something I can put in my portfolio cause right now I have 1 really bad short story I wrote and drew for 8 pages… And 1 book that will be coming out in Oct which is 22 pages and it was my first collaboration that I did with a writer that found me on here and took a chance on me.


Really like the layout And its something that you should always be aware of, the way you can move your readers eye around the page. Its something that only really exists in this medium so more people should really play bout with. An artist that aces it is David Aja. He really put alot of time into the eye flow and is a fuckn master at it. Check out his Hawkeye run.


Thanks man! I appreciate it! I stumbled upon a youtube channel called Strip Panel naked. and saw some of David Aja’s work there. He is a true master. some of the clips I saw are so awesome.I’m trying to get my hands on a trade of Hawkeye. I never really liked Hawkeye lol till I saw a clip of David’s art. And now I’m always looking for it. I love Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli too. my main influence is Goran Parlov right now. His Starlight run with Miller was awesome. I also enjoyed his run on the Punisher max. If you have any other recommendations I’d love to hear them. I’m always looking for new books to learn from.


Yeah Mazzucchelli is a true master. The deluxe hawkeye is pricey but reallyn worth it. some great extras. As for another recomendation I can’t say how incredible Alex Toth is. I’ll attach a link of some of one of his best stories. I’d also say Blueberry is amazing… It’s Moebius early cowboy comic.…0…1.1.64.psy-ab…0.1.76.S8IQD_6BdWg


Thanks man! I’m gonna look into the deluxe edition if its in my budget range as a starving artist LOL…I will def check out Alex Toth, Blueberry, and Moebius…I’m always on the look out for new inspiration…I really appreciate it!


The Contest dead line is over and after making minor changes…I submitted them earlier today…hopefully they see some potential and give me a shot.(fingers crossed) even if I don’t win…I learned a lot by getting them done…and it was a lot of fun…I will end up finishing the 22 pages from the script…but will just take my time on it to have as a portfolio piece to lug around…I have all the layouts done already.

Was looking over my pages…and went over them again as I want to continue the rest of the 22 pages…I added more textures and shadows to make things pop a little more…and flipped 1 panel on page 1 and added a new camera angle for the last panel on page 1 as well…



I got some feed back from top cow and made some small edits and resubmitted them. Hopefully its a good sign. :pray:


Well, one of the great things about the Top Cow Talent Hunt is that they offer feedback to everyone now.

Plus, they have a presence on the official thread on the Comic Book Resources message board too.

I found the Top Cow Talent Hunt to be excellent practice too, which is why I entered year after year.

It makes you research, it teaches you to write other peoples characters, I don’t think I’d be as good as I am as a writer if I hadn’t continued to enter the Talent Hunt every year.

Plus, since the Millarworld Comp doesn’t appear to be running again, it’s one of only a couple of Talent Hunts out there which gives people a real chance to be professionally published.

The Top Cow Talent Hunt has finished, but I expect it will be back later in the year, I’d recommend it to any writer or artist who wants to break into the industry.


I’m currently hosting two Write Offs here in the Creative forum, one based off The Last Jedi and the other on several of Mark Millar’s DC and Marvel comics. Check ‘em out! Deadline is coming up at the end of the month for both, but being able to write quickly is a virtue in this business.