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Top THREE TV! For you 'n' me...


Desert Island Time again, kiddies!


  • Forget food, water and shelter, you dealt with them.
  • Just never mind how you have a player, monitor and power!
  • What you have is a choice.

Full runs. Television programs. Any television program (so we don’t get too nit-picky about what is available and what is not). Assume the choice IS available!

You have no idea how long you will be exiled. There are likely going to be many days of watching the same episodes. Choose wisely!

:projector: :movie_camera: :film_frames:

As for me:

Star Trek Yes all of them. Only one? Original Series, please.

Hill Street Blues

Perry Mason

Okay, all old, but here’s the deal. There are a lot of episodes! Perry Mason went something like 45 one season, bless their greedy little hearts! Hill Street is a long arcs with lots of mini-arcs. And I can still watch some Trek!

What are yours?

(BTW, I almost went 60 Minutes as a choice, figuring I would learn tons. Then decided only fiction should really compete. Agree? Disagree?)


I suck at watching tv, almost prolifically. So this would give me a chance to actually watch some shows that I’d never quite managed to before.
With that in mind, I reckon:

Star Trek: The Next Generation - I’ve seen most of the episodes, but never in order. There’s something quite comfortable about the crew too, I’m sure it would be quite relaxing. Plus, it is the longest Trek.

The Wire - I’ve never seen it and everybody loves it. Could there be a better time to catch up?

Cowboy Bebop - Seriously short, but seriously great. I’d keep coming back to it again and again.

Honourable mention has to go to Lost, which is a show that I’d like to finish, but I get the idea that it would be pretty scary watching it on the deserted island. :worried:

  1. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  2. Venture Bros.
  3. Archer


Probably a good idea, otherwise what’s to stop somebody for asking for the evening news? Or is that a completely different mess?


Completely different mess. 60 Minutes is an edited anthology show with investigative reporting. The news is whatever shows up in their feed.


Late Night with David Letterman- a no-brainer for quantity and quality, and cultural resonance

Saturday Night Live- same deal, although the quality is a bit touch and go.

Deadwood- the best TV drama of all time, I don’t care how relatively few episodes there are.


Homicide: Life on the Street
Battlestar Galactica


Pardon the Interruption - I’ve been watching this almost every day for the last 15 years. If I only get half an hour a day to watch TV, I’ll watch PTI. But only when Kornheiser and Wilbon are on. It doesn’t work with anyone else. I’m assuming we get new episodes on this island.

Spartacus - My favorite show of all time. I watch the whole series every year, some episodes I’ve watched dozens of times. I’d watch this over watching pretty much anything. Most people think it’s just violence and porn, and it is. But it’s more about life than any show I’ve ever watched.

Frasier - The best comedy of all time, the run of quality episodes is just tremendous. You can pick any season and there’s gems. And it would bring back good memories as it’s wifeys favorite show.

Honorable mentions go to Black Sails, Vikings, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Father Ted, Red Dwarf, Band of Brothers and From the Earth to the Moon.


Seinfeld and the Simpsons (seasons 4 - 10, anyway) would like a word…

I can’t even think of a third show.


Doctor Who - The full series from 1963 to today if I’m allowed. Not all of it is good. Lots if it is glorious and some of it is pure genius. And there are lots and lots of episodes.

The Prisoner - My favourite TV show of all time.

The Muppet Show - My new avatar wasn’t a clue?

As there are only three alas both Columbo and The Rockford files miss out, but they would be in a Top 5.


Saturday Night Live
Threes Company
Dukes of Hazzard


Rent and Stimpy, Seinfeld, and for a new show I’m loving Detour.


Game of Thrones, because it provides rewards with repeated viewings.

Law and Order (all of them). because it’s fun to watch early episodes and see just how many future stars started out with a guest appearance in this show.

Lost, because I’m stuck on a desert island and maybe this show will help me figure out how to escape.


One of the reasons I picked Perry Mason. It requires sharp eyes and a good memory!


I thought I had this all wrapped up and decided that you had to mention PTI.

I used to watch it everyday when I subscribed to a US sports channel for college football. When that channel bit the dust I thought I had lost my access to it. I was wrong and I recently rediscovered it while visiting my parents.

I also have a soft spot for Around the Horn.

Now I need to rethink my list.


The Andy Griffith Show, but only the years with Don Knotts.

Friday Night Lights. The best and most underrated TV show of the past decade.



Hard one. But I’ll go with my instantaneous selection.
All 3 evoke a certain feeling of comfort for me and watching The Wire now for the 4th time, I know I could watch it a bunch more.

-Star Trek Deep Space Nine (although preferably all Star Trek series if I could have em).

-Buffy the Vampire Slayer

-The Wire

Gomorrah could find it’s way onto that list in a few years if it gets to a 5th series or so.


Babylon 5 - I’ve watched it all the way through several times already, and can’t see me ever not enjoying doing so again.

Firefly - I can’t go without a Whedon show, and I think this was the most perfect of them all. All the great Whedon tropes, with very few of the flaws.

Only Fools and Horses - I would need a UK comedy series to keep me sane, and there are few funnier than this one.


Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (including Smiley’s People, please).

I, Claudius.

The Wire (although was tough to choose between that or BSG).


I haven’t watched this in years, certainly not since I sent my VHS tapes to the great Charity shop in the sky. I remember really enjoying it at the time, and liking the idea that there were no moral certainties in the show. The ostensible heroes could do bad things or do things for power or out of weakness. The people we regarded as villains could do good things. Characters could do something heroic that was never heralded or remembered. However episodes like Comes the Inquisitor and Zh,Ha, Dum were fantastic.

My regard for JMS has wavered a bit in the intervening years, I will have to admit.