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Top Ten TV for 2015


It’s about time for the interminable end-of-the-year lists.

Okay, fine. Let’s get going. Here’s IMDb’s Top Ten:

From the shows I happen to watch, here’s my rough list.

In no order, as when I tried to type with numbers, the blasted board decided to rearrange them to suit its algorithm!

The Flash
the blasted news
Colbert/Kimmel/Fallon/Meyers/Corden/ et alia

And the tenth spot remains open to my suggestible mind.

I do not have much more than broadcast, due to my being cheap on basic cable, so shows like Daredevil or Jessica Jones or even Game of Thrones is outside my particular viewing parameters. Oh, but not yours!

What are your favorites?

Not “the best”, what do you actually watch?


That makes this a bit easier, in no order either.

Black Dynamite (last episode aired January of this year so it probably doesn’t count)
Sonic Boom (which is a suprisingly hilarious show)
The Simpsons
Heroes Reborn
One-Punch Man
Ushio to Tora
Concrete Revolutio
Orange Is The New Black
Mickey Mouse shorts (not really a tv show but oh well)
South Park

I’m more of a cartoon fan if you couldn’t tell.


It’s amazing how much good TV there is these days. To the extent that you could ask 10 people to list their favorites and you’d come up with nearly 100 different options. It’s really is a golden age. My TV viewing has cut back alot these days, so I’m more selective and probably missed some good stuff:

  1. Game of Thrones - spectacular. Gets better every season. Hardhome was the high point, but everything about this show is historic. The production, the acting, the story, it’s a true masterpiece. More shows like this please.
  2. Vikings - probably not seen by most of the posters here, but it’s brilliant if a little slow burn. This season wasn’t quite as good as previous as it felt a little padded, but it also had the most effecting death of 2015.
  3. Black Sails - took a good show from the first season and elevated it to new levels. People will be discovering this show for years to come.
  4. Justified. Great satisfying ending to the series. The had some great characters in the last season too.
  5. Silicon Valley. Funniest show of the last few years.
  6. Ash vs Evil Dead. Gleeful TV. Loved every second so far.
  7. Daredevil. Too long a series, but still a high point for Marvel.
  8. John Oliver. Though I’m getting tired of news telling me what’s wrong with the world, I have to say what John is doing is incredible - finally someone taking the time to cover a problem completely and explain it in a way that’s funny yet has a serious point.
  9. Gotham. Took a terrible idea, mixed in some craziness, refined a iffy first season and created something great and cheesy. This is the very best kind of junk food TV.
  10. Sens8. Haven’t finished it yet, but I think there was something magic yet flawed here. Worth a mention.


All TV made this a massive struggle so I wrote down twenty five the made a top ten in order -

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Better Call Saul
The Flash
Only Connect
Doctor Who
Black Sails

The Rest of them -
The Knick
Peaky Blinders
The Big Bang Theory
Ash Versus Evil Dead
9 Out Of Ten Cats Does Countdown
Jessica Jones
Have I Got A Bit More News For You
Modern Family
Orphan Black
House Of Cards
Masterchef:The Professionals
Agents Of SHIELD
The Apprentice UK

And three that I was surprised didn’t make the top 25 this year -
Walking Dead
Person Of Interest
The Daily Show


I don’t watch television as much as I used to, but there are some shows I enjoyed viewing this year (in no particular order):
The Walking Dead
Game of Thrones
Jessica Jones


Daredevil has been my favourite

Jessica Jones
Toast Of London
Better Call Saul
House Of Fools


Is that where you get blasted and watch the news?

I don’t watch much TV. We don’t have cable at all and instead substitute Netflix. It’s a bit telling in my list of not quite 10.

  1. Daredevil
  2. Jessica Jones
  3. Master of None
  4. Colbert/Fallon/Kimmel/Corden (watched as clips on Youtube)


Rick and Morty
Master of None
Better Call Saul
Broad City
Game of Thrones
Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


Fargo is far and away the best show on TV. Different league to anything else.


Quantum Leap reruns


Yeah, there really is some amount of genuinely great shows on. My mate was always going on rants about how terrible and awful reality TV is until I pointed out how it freed up money for stations to invest in truly great shows, bringing in a much more talented pool of actors, directors, writers and crew. He hasn’t brought it up since.


This is another one I watch as Youtube clips and really enjoy. Adam Ruins Everything is kind of along similar lines for me but sometimes he’s just pissing in the punch bowl. :wink:


The only other person here with top-tier taste


The only reason The Knick isnt in my top ten is the fact I’ve all episodes so far of season two waiting to be binge watched and that puts it down a few notches in this type of list, but if we we’re talking about BEST shows it pretty much outclasses everything else.

I don’t even want to recommend it to my friends because if they came back to me and said they didn’t like it would destroy any value I have in their thoughts and opinions.


The Knick is top tier television. I just watched Ep 2.8 it is just perfection.

The best for me in no particular order:

The Knick
Rick and Morty
You’re the Worst (best live action sitcom on TV)
Bob’s Burgers
Scream Queens (campy silly fun)


Did Episodes air this year?
Cause if not, you’re right.
If it did - you’re wrong.
it’s Episodes


Master of None
Jessica Jones
The Affair
Game of Thrones
Silicon Valley
Mr Robot
Better Call Saul


So many great shows out there! Here is what I watch:

  1. Supernatural
  2. Blacklist
  3. Walking Dead
  4. Flash
  5. Arrow (IMO getting weaker each year)
  6. Grandfathered (getting great!)
  7. Grinder
  8. Daredevil
  9. Teen Titans Go
  10. Family Guy


I’ve been drinking at a bar-slash-pinball arcade for four hours straight but let me try this.

1 NBA basketball- for 30 some years running it is #1, and will never be topped, the best thing on TV by a county mile that entire time
2 NBA Countdown on TNT- Shaq sucks but the other guys will never get old
3 The Superbowl- If you root for a non-Patriots team I’m not 100% sure why you still follow the sport, but if you DO root for the Patriots this was great TV, easily the best non-NBA TV of the year

(big gap)

4 Mad Men- I loved the final season
5 Fargo- So far so good with season 2, like a Coens movie only better
6 Wet Hot American Summer- Comedies are generally terrible but this was funny
7 Jessica Jones- I’m only about a third in but really digging it

(big gap)

8 Justified- Last season was a step down but still entertaining
9 David Letterman’s farewell- Goodbye to a legend. Late night is now over.
10 NCAA basketball- completely blows but is still better than anything else that I can think of that I haven’t mentioned yet.

All in all great year for TV.


Rick and Morty
Better Call Saul
Mr Robot
Youre the Worst
Game of Thrones
Scream Queens
South Park

Edit: 20-30
Fargo, Kimmy schmidt, Narcos, Mad Men, Powers, man in the high castle, silicon valley, jessica jones, gotham, Arrow, Archer, Agents of Shield, Moonbeam City, Walking Dead, Wet Hot American Summer, iZombie, Ash vs Evil, Sense8, Doctor Who and Limitless.

Just left off the list is Supergirl, House of Cards, Bob’s Burgers, American Horror and True Detective.