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Top movies of the 2000s


The Fellowship of the Rings (only including the first (most impactful) one so as not to unbalance the list)
Spider-Man (controversially(?) I pick 1 not 2; 2 may have had the better set pieces but 1 did all of the story groundwork)
Pirates of the Caribbean
Pan’s Labyrinth
Donnie Darko
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Aww dammit I’m two short. Ok then:

The Two Towers
The Return of the King


It’s really about your love of Macy Gray, isn’t it? :wink:


I have no idea who that is so I’ll say… uh… no? :smiley:


She’s the musician singing on the float during the parade scene. It’s just a weird placement thing for me.

  1. Curse of the Black Pearl. I consider this to be the best blockbuster movie of this generation. The world building, the performances, the set design, the music, the story and plot structure and how it all comes together are a work of art. I think it’s a cinematic masterpiece. This movie is so good there’s been 4 shitty sequels and they’re still making a billion each.

  2. The Fellowship of the Ring. I’m only picking one LOTR movie, and I love TTT but mostly for the battle at the end of the movie. The rest of it feels rather empty. Whereas Fellowship is engaging for the entire thing, even if the ending battle isn’t as epic.

  3. Moneyball. This movie is amazing, it’s the kind of story that really appeals to me. One guy risks everything to do his own thing, sticks by his own belief when everyone else questions him and it looks like it’s all going wrong, and then he wins, but he really loses, and then he wins again, but then he chooses to lose. And in his wake Theo Epstin does the same thing and become probably the greatest baseball GM in history. I love the performance from Brad Pitt, the humanity he brings to Billy. And it’s staggeringly well directed.

  4. Brokeback Mountain. Ang Lee’s finest movie, it’s an amazing love story that’s up there with Romeo and Juilet. I’m still upset about Heath Ledger passing away so young.

  5. Star Trek (reboot). This is a really well done blockbuster. I think most people can’t separate it from Star Trek and what came before, but they should as it’s an excellent space story, funny, exciting and dramatic. The first hour is just insanely well put together. The third act is weak, but the rest of the movie makes up for it.

  6. The Dark Knight. The balls on Nolan to make this movie. Amazing how there haven’t been more imitators to this kind of superhero movie.

  7. Kung Fu Hustle. Just exceptional in every way, the best comedy of this generation.

  8. The Gangs of New York. I love all the quirks of this movie, every time it’s on TV I just have to watch a bit of it. It’s not perfect, but it is really really great.

  9. The Departed. I think it takes too long to get going, but the last third of the movie is utterly electric.

  10. Kill Bill. Not quite Pulp Fiction, not quite Reservoir Dogs either, but this movie is still really great.

I think the 2000’s were as good a decade as the 1980’s. There’s 40 more movies I could put on this list. Much better than the 90’s. And the 70’s. And I think the 2010’s won’t have many great movies. So hopefully we’re in for some amazing work in the 2020’s.