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Top 10 Comic book tv shows

Inspired by my rant on the ‘watching thread’ and my depressed state of mind, I’ve become more and more exhausted by the never ended comic book to TV production line.

Seemingly a new show launched every week, all struggling for our time, attention, love or hate.

I’m struggling to find the time or willpower to keep up.
Maybe I shouldn’t be.
It’s the comic book bug in me that keeps these shows on the outskirts of my radar, when really I know I should just ignore them and go and do something constructive with my time instead.
But that’s not now the world works now. Tv has taken control.

So with the ever expanded streaming services and sea of shows, mostly poorly scripted and blandly acted…

Make it a top 10 or just have a Chris S style unstructured rant. List 50 if you want, god knows there’s probably enough of the fucking things to do that, whatever it takes to get your point across and tell us…

What should be watching?
And why?


Just watch Agents of SHIELD and ignore everything else.


I’m still struggling to get by that first season…any tips?

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Season four is the best.


Lois and Clark, the New Adventures Of Superman Season 1 is still my high water mark of TV superheroics. That probably tells you more than enough about my opinion of the genre.


Skip almost every episode of the first series. There’s like 4 that matter before the Winter Soldier crossover, at which point the show’s writers decided to say “fuck it”, and never looked back.

Ever since then the show’s leaned heavily into the idea that superhero comics are pretty ridiculous, and have replicated the feeling of those stories where the creators just keep escalating things, don’t always have an idea for where they want to go, but manage to pull it off almost every time.

The pacing becomes breakneck, remember what I was saying last year about Star Trek Discovery? It’s like that. Almost every episode brings up a new plot element, continues one, and resolves one.

And it’s fun. The characters have senses of humour, the show indulges in the inherent silliness of comics in a way few others manage - in one episode a character jokingly says he needs a combination shotgun-axe for a mission, and a while later he fixes an axe blade to the pump of a shotgun, and it’s his primary weapon from there on. Can’t argue with that


Legion is simply the best adaptation of a comic book property for television and one of the best television shows in general. It captures the imagination and potential of comic books and translates it like no other show has. It’s as if Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch and Wes Anderson merged together and made a TV series about a comic book character. It’s a what you would expect if they brought a 90s Vertigo title or a deep indie book to life (though it’s based on Marvel characters). Legion shows not only the potential for what can be done for comic book properties, but for television in general.

Nothing even comes close. After Legion, it’s a dogfight for a very distant second place. I would say it’s better than 99% of comic book movies.


Should I start from season 2

I kinda watched season 1 when it came out but it became background entertainment as I kept losing interest.

It’s been a while I’ll maybe find a summary of season 1 online somewhere in case there’s anything I need to remember.

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Series 2 is effectively a soft reboot in many ways. If you more or less remember how things were left at the end of series 1, you’ll be grand.

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As Lorcan said, there are a few key episodes but I’d definitely start from 1.16 and keep going from there.


Champion! Cheers gents


The Walking Dead would be somewhere on my Top Ten list.

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Have you watched this latest season?

I think it’s been an absolute stinker

I just don’t get why they think the viewer would care about any of these paper thin characters they’ve introduced

The jump forward is a technique that has worked before in other shows but they’ve almost done it and stood back expecting the viewer to say ‘wow’ as if we’ve never seen any big like it before

The new actors lack any presence

I’ve been really patient with it and actually enjoyed it up until now. But it’s gone right down the shitter in my opinion.

I barely watch superhero shows now as I dont have the time, AOS is enjoyable and I will also watch it asap, but I’ve even stopped watching The Flash and he’s my favourite DC character.

Preacher is great, I enjoy it. Leigion, too. Punisher was great but I haven’t watched the new series.

The closest thing I watch to a comic book tv series that’s actually really great and kept me rivited is Wayne. You would think it was an indie comic book adaptation in the fact that it really just goes off and does its own mad thing and seems like a guy having a cool idea for a violent comic and the writing turns out to be full of comic-book-hero heart, too.

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Just to expand on why I think Season 4 of AoS is the best. It’s actually three inter-connected stories, more or less stand alone, that all come together in the end. There’s absolutely no fat in it at all. The story just chugs along, with no filler. And, none (or little) of the Inhuman nonsense that dragged down earlier seasons.


I do like the Netflix shows. Daredevil is by far the beat, Punisher a close second, and I recognise Iron Fist’s flaws, but I enjoyed that (and Defenders) a lot too. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage both bored me to varying degrees.

I do like Supergirl, but I haven’t been interested enough to seek out any of the other Arrowverse shows. And, my access to the other stuff mentioned here is limited as it’s not on Netflix in the U.K. Will probably try Titans at some point though.


Here is my list.

  1. Batman: The Animated Series
  2. Batman '66
  3. Justice League Unlimited

That’s the list. There have been no other good comic book TV shows. In my opinion. To me, they always feel cheap and repetitive, and if I want to see these characters and concepts in serial form, why wouldn’t I just read the comics?


I’m going to assume the spirit of your challenge is current shows, which is why I’m not going to list Batman as #1. So just going on things that are currently on-going (or at least that I’ve watched in the last year or so and hope are on-going) the list is something like this:

  1. Legion. Just endlessly and uniquely entertaining in ever-changing ways.
  2. Lucifer. The character is just so good, even if the show itself is flawed it’s still hugely enjoyable.
  3. Constantine. Yes, I know this isn’t actually on-going, but I watched it over the last few months so I’m counting it. Brilliantly atmospheric, more horror than super-heroics, as it should be.
  4. Krypton. I thought I was going to hate it, but they won me over with the various plot twists and clever use of Superman lore. I’m expecting to hate it again because they’re putting Lobo in the next season :frowning:
  5. Legends of Tomorrow. Finally found its feet in the last season-and-a-half, when they realised it was so bad that they might as well just mercilessly send themselves up. This is the show people who loved JLI should be watching.
  6. Runaways. I liked the slow-build characterisation of the first few episodes, it made me care about the characters as people, and that’s really the key to making a story hook you.
  7. Supergirl. Look, it’s just Supergirl, ok? You’ve got to love Supergirl. It’s objectively bad, overly melodramatic, too big a cast, stupid subplots. But it’s Supergirl. And the Legion. Nuff said.
  8. Flash. Mainly because of the Harrison Wellses. Tom Cavanagh is awesome.
  9. The Gifted. A year ago this would have been much higher, but I’ve been disappointed with the direction of season 2.
  10. Dammit, there must be something else on…

Well, there goes half my list then…


Yeah, it was tough :expressionless:

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