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Took a stab at..... My random Art Thread.


First time drawing these characters.

Marvel Comics: Not-So-Secret Empire is here!

Wow. that’s amazing. It’s like McNiven meets J Scott Campbell.

Do you have any sequential work I can see?



Thanks, Mark! I appreciate it. I did these from a Marvel sample script they sent me a couple weeks back. They wanted straight forward panels here, nothing fancy.

Here’s my more usual page approach.

If you’d like to see anything specific I’d be happy to put something together. Thanks and have a great one!


That is phenomenal artwork! You have some great talent there.

I love the detail combined with the kinetic energy. Your art has a movement to it that guides the eye across the page, even in some of the “slower” panels.

Keep up the fantastic work!




If Marvel don’t get you on something then they’re crazy. Love it.


Wow! Just wow!

Looks great in black and white. I especially like the outline inking like on Black Bolt’s face, or the woman’s body in the Dracula kiss page.
I’d love to see how this would come out coloured.


Thanks, Everyone. Very kind.


All lovely stuff.
Really impressive!




Hi everyone, Since I have a bunch of art here already I just renamed this thread to make it my primary art dump. I’ll eventually add my previous posts in here as well.

I don’t like showing layouts, but since I’m doing Marvel centric stuff I think it might be more of an interest to other artists like myself trying to get into the big 2. I’m not going to post the script, sorry! Just don’t want to be the guy posting things that they may not want out there but the object here is storytelling so lets see how I do!

After the Spidey sequentials Marvel wanted to see me take a stab at a slightly longer sample set(6 pages instead of 3) from another one of their scripts. Here are the layouts I sent them. Thanos vs Starlord- who is encased in a glowing armor/forcefield emitted by the Crystal on his chest. I roughed in a simple design to get me going, the script required Starlords masked/face exposed and Thanos to choke Starlord so I exposed the neck area(His head is still in a force field). Same rules: straight forward panels, nothing fancy. Hope you all like it!


Here are the final pages, I switched around panels on page five otherwise Marvel only had minor changes, their biggest was page 3 panel one.


That looks very cool, Jon.


Phenomenal. If I was Marvel, I would hire you.


Great work!

The action is dynamic but not confusing. The detail work is very good.

I look forward to the day when we say, “I remember Jon Malin when he posted art up Millarworld. Now, the creator owned work he did with Mark Millar is now a major motion picture and he’s a millionaire!”


Great job, John! These pages look really amazing, spectacular!


David- Thanks! I just turned these in before I posted here so time will tell.

Todd- While I don’t know if “Millions” is realistic, a little bit of cash in the end and working with Mark-- I’d be happy to do something with him for sure.

Ismael- Thank you, Sir!


Inspired by the show. Colors by Ross Hughes.


That looks truly amazing!
I love that so much!
Not sure about the arse cheeks though…
I find it a little sexist! :smiley:


Thanks, Matt!