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Tony's Crisis Weekly


I’ve started writing a series of comic book scripts. Each one is going to be eight pages. As the title suggests, it’s a DC comic, but it’s also going to feature some new characters. Hopefully the results are interesting.

Crisis Weekly #1


Very cool. I’m looking forward to reading the updates as they come out.




Crisis Weekly #2, in which the American president is assassinated, and Firehawk replaces him, and Bloodwynd volunteers to begin the investigation…


Good stuff. I’ve been wondering all week how Batman would have the foresight to videotape himself having an origin story. :grin: eager to see how these two chapters link up.


I don’t plan on explaining, other than right now, how and/or why there’s video footage of that moment. I just assume that any update featuring a rich dude will have a security camera (or ten billion) in the house.

As for any direct connections between these first two installments, it’s in the bats. And White Martians. Next week will be another new thread in the narrative. But you can probably assume White Martians will factor into it. And maybe bats!


I wasn’t expecting an answer. Just making small talk. Looking forward to future installments.
Thanks, jason


No problem. Thanks for checking in!


New script posted. School shooting…


An excellent chapter! I really enjoyed it.

What’s most fascinating to me, is how the “end” of the shooting is depicted. You don’t explicitly say “the shooter lays dead of a self-inflicted gunshot to the head.” And you don’t have to. We instinctively know that. This is such a rote thing, there’s a way these things are “supposed to go…”

Which is depressing to think about…

yes, sometimes, the shooter is captured or killed by police, but 90% of the time, shooter Is D.O.A.

anyways, looking forward to learning about Rachel, and her abilities. Good stuff!
Thanks, Jason


Yeah, that final “Bang!” was intended to imply the shooter’s suicide. Glad you liked how I played that, and that you liked the script as a whole. Thanks for continuing to read and check in.


Crisis Weekly #4 is up! If I had readership I’m pretty sure this one would cause a great deal of controversy. I just made Guy Gardner a racist cop!


Tony. I actually don’t have any comments or questions this time out. I enjoyed it. Keep going. I also had no idea about Guy’s police background…so…I learned something new. Thanks.

I really like the lingering effects of the Doomsday fight. I would make a little more specific l, like clicking Jaw syndrome or had most of his front teeth replaced or something. It’s always struck me as weird how there are no lingering effects after a hero takes a beat-down. :smirk:


Bloodwynd is going to receive a very specific effect of the Doomsday incident in a later installment of Crisis Weekly.

Speaking of which: Crisis Weekly #5! In the spotlight this week is perhaps the last major character introduction, El Dorado, most famous for his appearances in the old Super Friend cartoon!


Also worth noting that I invented the cop thing for Guy. I haven’t really put a timeframe on events in Crisis Weekly, so the events of the first week and last week aren’t necessarily four weeks, as they would have been in, say, 52. But it does seem likely that some superheroes would naturally gravitate to being cops if they couldn’t be superheroes anymore, and Guy seems as likely as any of them to become one.


Copied from Guy’s Wiki page: September 2011, the new 52 rebooted DC’s continuity. In this new timeline, Guy is now an ex-police officer and middle child of a family with a long tradition of membership in the Baltimore Police Department going back to 1860. He is the second human to earn a Green Lantern ring after coming to the rescue of his older brother Gerard who had become pinned down during a police shootout with a street gang.[5]

Not intended to be a dis or whatever. I just didnt know anything about the characters backstory, so I did a little digging.




Tony, I’m enjoying the political aspect of this series. Two super heroes as presidents. The Mexican border fiasco. It’s ambitious. Thanks for sharing.


About to lean pretty heavily into the political aspects, conveniently enough. Hold on tight!


Speaking of which: Crisis Weekly #6. President Firehawk holds a special crisis management meeting, and it goes horribly awry, and not just because Man-Bat finally makes his grand entrance…!