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Tony Awards


So the Tony Award nominations went up yesterday. Sheena was obviously super-excited. Hamilton is nominated for 16 awards and her friend, Chris, was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Musical. Chris’s strongest competition will likely come from the two other Hamilton actors nominated in that category.

Anyone else watch the Tony Awards here? I never did until I was dating my wife. The year Chris and crew won for In the Heights was probably my first.

Any predictions on this years winners? Who do you want to win? I would like to see Hamilton win big and Chris get a step closer to an EGOT. :wink:


I’d love to see a Hamilton sweep, and your buddy Chris win! The Tonys are really not my thing, but this time I may make an exception. We’ve had big movies, but Hamilton actually affected the way our currency looks! How 'bout that?


I honestly think Hamilton’s influence is just beginning. I don’t remember if it’s later this year or sometime next year but there will be a long term run in Chicago and a traveling tour starting in Los Angeles. I think the people of the original cast will be a bit like Jodorowsky’s Dune and you’ll see them popping up other places. They’re all very talented. If @Mark_Millar is unable to get his first pick, Channing Tatum, for Huck, I would highly recommend Chris. He has the talent and he has skin in the game due to his autistic son.


Tatum should be a lock, it’s perfect for him. (As long as he doesn’t have one of those Godfather actor-gets-perfect-role skeletons in his closet.) But why would Chris leave THE event of the Twenty-Teens? That cast is fried gold at this point.


I don’t presume to speak for Chris and he has said he would be happy to do Hamilton for a long time. However, while Broadway and Hollywood can both be grueling gigs, one pays you while you’re on the stage and one keeps paying you for years to come. :wink:

Incidentally, he received his Tony nomination pin and his Grammy today. So he’s had a pretty stellar day.


Tony Awards are this coming Sunday. Sheena and I are pumped. Hoping for huge wins for Chris and the rest of the cast.


I’m thinking this just might happen. Mark this in your and Sheena’s - well, mostly Sheena’s - Personal History and Life Soundtrack as One We Were In On At The Beginning.

I got a couple, but this is your Hamilton moment! Revel in it!


Hahaha. Plus we saw it with all the original cast. Jonathan Groff has already left as King George III. Lin-Manuel is stepping down from playing Alexander Hamilton on July 9th. I’m not sure if anyone else is leaving after negotiations. I’m grateful for the experience. I wanted to kiss Chris for giving Sheena and I the ability to see it. It was the opportunity of a lifetime.


So you liked it? I’m not sure from what you’re saying. You seem a little bit on the fence. :wink:


Hahaha. I cry everytime I hear certain songs. The whole thing is so damned powerful. I’ve enjoyed musicals before because of how much my sister and then Sheena loved them but never at this level.


I think, in the biz, we call that “good writing”. :laughing:


Lin-Manuel is currently writing the music for Disney animated film, Moana, with the Rock. It looks like Phillipa Soo was just picked up for it. Chris has a recurring role in the upcoming TV show Bull that looks like it’s going to be big. There’s a lot of good things going on for this cast.

I’ve said it befor but I think this is going to be one of those things that so many careers are boosted by and spin out of.


Corden’s getting things stirred up for Sunday.


That was magnificent. Every time I think Hamilton is topping out, it goes up another level of magnitude. Lin-Manuel announcing he’s done July 9th has driven prices unbelievably. Pity the profit will go to some sort of scalpers instead of the cast and crew’s pockets!


It’s a bit odd that is driving prices so much. Lin-Manuel didn’t do every night of the show even when he was on contract. If I remember correctly, Friday and Saturday were his days off. He even sat in the crowd when with a few of the more famous people when they came to see it. That’s why we purposefully saw it on a Thursday night.

There’s also speculation on who will replace him. It would be odd if it wasn’t his understudy. That’s kind of how these things work. It’s how Chris stepped up to be Simba in The Lion King. He was the understudy to the original and took his place when he left.


Corden just killed the opener with the cast of Hamilton.


Ouch. If Chris had to lose to anyone, I guess Daveed was the best person possible.



I read he is shifting the the West End production so it may be cheaper at some of those prices to catch a plane to London instead. :smile:


There are two US tours coming, one starting in LA and one in Chicago, and a possible one in West End on top of the one running in NYC. So there should be more options before too long.