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Today, I am ashamed to be a Geek...


I have no fear in using that term, because I am a geek.
I have always been a geek and I always will…
Ever since I saw reruns of the Adam West Batman series on Wacaday (UK TV show) as a kid, I was hooked.
I’ve loved superheroes and comics ever since…so much so, when the ’89 Batman came out my mum took me to the barber to have the Bat Symbol shaved into the back of my head…
Even though I was too young to even see the film! (it was first film to certificated at 12 by the BBFC and I was only 8)

As a kid, I found solace in my comics and these heroes gave me the best education when it comes to having a moral compass. A Compass that I still follow to this day.

Showing my age, growing up we were lucky to get a “decent” superhero Film or TV show!
They were few and far between…today we are spoiled…i used to have to wait two to three years for a glimpse of seeing my heroes on the big screen, today we get one every two to three months.
You’d think.

Last week I saw Dan Slott being abused on Twitter by an angry reader who actually @ him in his comments, telling him to quit!
This boggles my mind that a stranger (a strange stranger by the sounds of it) feels he has the right to act like this, but this behaviour gets worse…

Today, I heard that Zack Snyder is stepping away from The Justice League movie because a couple of months ago his daughter committed suicide…which is devastating news and my heart goes out to Zack and his family during this time.
In the wake of this news and the reason why I am ashamed to be a geek today is, some people have felt the need to mock and abuse this grieving father on social media, because they DON’T like his movies and what “he” has done to their favourite characters in passed movies.
This is deplorable behaviour by our community…

As a child, comics were a very lonely hobby…today, I am overwhelmed and so appreciative that places like our very own Millarworld exist, because I get to come together with people who share the same passion for these fictional characters.
I use the term, fictional on purpose because that is what these characters are.
Ideas, concepts and characters that “we” as an audience DO NOT OWN…yes, we can be passionate about them and have opinions when a story isn’t what “we” wanted this time round…
But, you know what…if you HATE that interpretation so much…take a breath, because there will be another story coming along in a few minutes, which you might like more.

The writers, artists, inkers, colourists, editors, directors, actors and everyone else who are involved with the latest interpretation of these characters are just the current custodians.
All they are doing is carrying that torch until it is time to pass it one to another and I can promise you that these creators love those characters just as much, if not more than you!
All they are trying to do is create cool stories that will hopefully entertain us and make us forget what is going on in the real world for a little bit…
In your opinion if they are not getting it “right” you have no right to tell that or attack them for it.

The way I see it, if you don’t like what a creator is doing, you have three options:

  1. Discuss with your buddies, privately, why you don’t like the comics or movies…its what forums and pubs are for!
  2. GO MAKE YOUR OWN COMICS & MOVIES! show the world how to do it right (in your opinion)
  3. Save up and buy Disney or Warner Bros…then you can do whatever you want with the characters.

As the comic community, we are better than this behavior…the heroes we love taught us to be better than this. They taught us to do the right thing and to make the world a better place…not spread hatred and be cruel…there is enough of that in the real world as it is.

Thanks for reading my rant…



National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255



No need to be ashamed of being a geek though, callous people exist in all spheres. The tragedy today in Manchester also drew a lot of revolting “jokes” from random people and “journalists” alike.

But you’re right,

and hopefully we can continue to reinforce, support, and elevate each other in these and future troubling times.


I agree, well not really all that much about how we are lucky but whathaveyou, but about how we should be better than personal attacks. If a series/media is bad, or we see flaws within them, then those qualities are self-evident and thus have purpose in discussion.

Bringing in a person’s actual life and using that as fodder has always been over the line. There has never been call for it, and seeing reactions last night on other forums were disgusting.


Such a sad day…

We can be better though!
We can be the heroes we want to be.


Some people are just lonely assholes with nothing better to do than to troll. It’s disappointing, surely but nothing to get worked up over.


But they don’t HAVE to be…they have us…that’s what a community does.

Trust me…i have been very lonely in my life…and i am sure there are more than a few people out there who think i am an arsehole (not Asshole)
But i have you lot and that make me happy!
I am part of something.


They don’t have to be lonely; the emphasis was on asshole, not lonely.



Yeah I don’t know if there is much to do about the trolls other than ignore them. They are sad lonely people that thrive on the attention but fall apart when actually confronted (like the woman a couple of years back who forwarded sexist abuse she’d received to their mothers).

I wish it would go away but in the end remember than Dan Slott has his dream job writing one of the most iconic characters in our culture. Zach Snyder is a millionaire with a gift for visual design none of us could achieve.

I think we can figure out the winners in that equation.


These people who appear to lack even the most basic empathy (which I believe may be the symptom a mental health issue), have always been around, and it is unfortunate that technology has given them a platform for their ill-considered rants. All that the rest of can do is exactly what you have done, Matt, and express our support for the innocent parties.


People live in their own bubbles. Often they don’t understand how their own behaviour is read.

That said - there’s stupid and then theres ignorant and then theres evil. I can tolerate the first one, suffer the second, but I will not excuse the third.

Openly attacking and bullying anyone - particularly those in a weak emotional state - is evil.


So, basically Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon summed it up waaaaaay better in two panels than i did with a full on rant!


Sorry Matt…You’re rubbish, it’s true :wink:

I will add that Dan Slott has never been anything less than charming when I have come across him online (and I’m a big fan). He gave me some great writing advice.

And you just need to be a human being to have some empathy for Zach Snyder’s situation.


i’m with you there!


It is sad that we have this wondrous device called the Internet and instead of treating it like the technological brilliance it is, too many people treat it like an open sewer to spew forth their worst thoughts without restraint.

I don’t feel at all responsuble for the actions of a bunch of arseholes who wouldn’t be open to reason or constructive criticism, even if anyone tried it. If anything a certain individual with the initials BA, put it best: I pity the fools.


But his initials were B.B.
Or B.A.B.


I was thinking about this today as well, with Snyder and poor Christopher Lloyd, who is totally messed up for life. Geek culture can be a pretty terrible place when people don’t get their way. The internet has made it nicer in a lot ways but it also means negativity can snowball too.


I hadn’t heard about that - what has happened? I hope he’s ok.


me neither…double what happend?


Nothing specifically, he’s just completely screwed up from having spent his entire childhood with the world angry at him for “ruining Star Wars.” You can Google videos of him talking about it. He’s had a real legitimate struggle.