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Tips I found on how to write villains

Found these on another website I frequent:


Show your villain personally doing something despicable.

A villain that does nothing but sit on a throne (or peer down from the top of a giant tower) is hardly a villain at all. It’s hard to feel even remotely intimidated by a guy or gal who just sits around giving scary orders all day.


On the whole they’re good articles, though. As long as you remember there are exceptions to every rule :slight_smile:

I do like this:

Let’s say that Jennifer creates a villainous organization called Cerberus, and ballparks its membership at 50,000 members worldwide. To show off just how evil Cerberus is, Jennifer writes that when Cerberus hires new members, only perhaps one in ten ultimately survives the arduous screening process, which involves lots of death traps to weed out the weak and unworthy. But that would mean that for the 50,000 members Cerberus has now, somewhere around 490,000 people must have died trying to get in - which for comparison, is more people than live in Sacramento, California (475,516 as of the 2012 census). How Cerberus has time to get anything else done when it has 490,000+ bodies to dispose of and almost that many missing persons investigations to contend with is anyone’s guess.


I also like this, not just in relation to villains but as a tip in general:

We novelists need to become our characters, from young to old, male to female, blue-collar worker to executive, and illiterate to educated. That’s part of the fun of it.

Yes. All my stories are autobiographical. Even the ones set on alien worlds :slight_smile:


I knew it!

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