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Thread of Justice: Batman V Superman discussion


It’s TIME we saw Batman chained up by Superman’s evil army.

Hang on, what?


The DC New Movie Thread!

I feel that there should be a Pulp Fiction song playing in the background!

“bring out the gimp!”

Personally i would never refer to the Bat as a gimp, but hey…


Bats dressed as he is immediately made me think of Damian Wayne as Batman…


Ah, that’s my Superman.


I am concerned… but we’ll get more context from the full trailer tomorrow.

My reading so far is that Snyder likes Batman a lot more, I still think his version of the character could be amazing.


I think Snyder is actually the perfect director for Batman. He’s a guy who can really do movement and shadow and ferocity and this all works well within the context of Batman. As much as I love Keaton and Kilmer’s Batman, they couldn’t really move much and we never really saw them doing much in the way of spectacular. Snyder’s seems so much more kinetic.

As much as this seems like an Elseworlds to me, right down to evil Superman, I think the Batman side of it is going to be really interesting. This intrigues me more than Civil War weirdly enough as I feel it’s going to have some surprises in it, whereas I feel as if the Marvel stuff is quite formulaic.



To be fair, you do know how ‘Civil War’ turns out. :wink:

But yes, I wish Snyder was just doing a Batflick.


Yeah, at this point, while I am looking forward to it, I feel like I know more or less what is going to happen in Civil War.

The more I see of BvS the more I say “what the fuck is happening in this?” which is sort of a good place for it to be, I think. It it is better to be intriguing than boring and everything in that little clip was intriguing.


My guess is those guys aren’t Superman’s army but some rogue organization who worship Superman and captured Batman for him.

It is interesting…the trailer was shot as if Superman was the villain but we also don’t know what Batman did to end up there. Maybe nothing, but maybe something.

I also love the shot of Superman holding the empty mask. Really cool. Snyder has his faults but he has an eye for details like that, which is part of what made (imo) Man of Steel a cut above the average superhero flick.

Very much looking forward to this. As others have suggested above, I really have no idea what’s going to happen here whereas I feel like I’ve already seen Civil War.


Batman: Whose motorcycle is this?
Superman: It’s a chopper, baby.
Batman: Whose chopper is this?
Superman: It’s Zod’s.
Batman: Who’s Zod?
Superman: Zod’s dead, baby. Zod’s dead.


There’s a lot of debate if this is just a dream sequence or not but I think the important thing is that at the very least, this Batman dreams about being able to turn his head.


It’s a Dream Sequence.
Gosh man, The same exact scene happened in Man of Steel.

This is Batman’s fear of Superman shown to us.
Probably going to end with him waking up in bed in a cold sweat, all cliche-like


I haven’t seen the trailer, so am just going by comments here. If I recall, for Man of Steel there were two initial trailers - one with a Kevin Costner voiceover and one with Russell Crowe. So maybe, this is a calculated move and we will see a trailer portraying Superman in a more positive light and casting Batman as the bad guy.

Or maybe not. I haven’t seen the trailer. What do I know?


It a ‘boring but true’ thing now that Snyder has a genuinely great visual grasp but a poor narrative one. I think that’s easier to fix really than the other way around if you are a producer.


[spoiler]I’ve been looking at comic con photos of this Batman suit, apparently it’s called “Knightmare Batman”, I learned this from an action figure. So this means all the scenes with a Superman army are actually Batman’s worried dreams of what a man with that kind of power can do if he’s left unchecked.

And also going off from what Mark’s said, I do think Zack’s perfect for Batman. I know his take on Superman’s divided people(Me being MOSTLY on the supporting end), but this guy can really direct action when it comes down to it. Here’s a fight scene from Watchmen starring Batma-er I mean Night owl. Skip to 56 seconds in! [/spoiler]



That’s Brillant! :smiley:


Holy disappearing Bat-Eye Makeup Batman!


lol I think Kick-Ass is the only super-hero movie I’ve seen where they acknowledge the eye make-up being there. :wink:
This trailer has to be a dream sequence, but it is cool as hell! I love the Red Son Vibe when Kal lands. :thumbsup:


Batman’s mask looks great, love how he can turn his neck properly. I can see this being a great movie where we see both sides of the heroes’ argument. I was interested in who the other two were who were chained up beside Batman.