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Thought Bubble 2015 - The UK's best Comic Con!


So, this is happening next month. Great line up of guests. Anyone going?


That’s a pretty awesome lineup. I love that when comics creators are interviewed and asked for the best cons they often cite Thought Bubble despite its relatively small size, maybe because of it to some degree as they like the focus on only comics over all the other stuff.


Wow. After seeing that line-up I’m certainly tempted to go.


Just really getting into this comic malarkey, and met some very interesting peeps at some of the signings…might pop over and have a look :slight_smile:


I’m going! But I also live in Leeds :wink:


Lots of folks I actually know a bit! I am absolutely delighted to see Carlos Pedro and Dec Shavley as guests!
(Emma - they were first here as cute li’l wannabes. Gotta watch these kids over in Creative!)


My godson and his parents have just moved to Leeds, so I’m doing Thought Bubble on Saturday and seeing him on Sunday. First ever actual comics convention, exciting stuff. (Also hi, I used to be Nick MB on here, just re-registered and decided to go real-name.)


It’s A fun con.

I’ve missed out on the last two years.
Hoping to Invade again this year.
If all things align correctly


Adam and I are finally getting our arses down to this!

With MW’s own Carlos Pedro there as a featured artist, and the opportunity to get my Hellblzaer: City Of Demons copy signed by Sean Murphy and Si Spencer, plus get some PRJ stuff signed by Murphy, are damn good draws.


I had been planning to attend this year but due to work / financial commitments can’t and it’s such a pain in the arse as the line up is a corker.
Hope all that are attending have a great time.


Really really want to do the Saturday, but it looks so unlikely that I’ll be able to.


I would have loved to go to this. A great line-up! However I’m in Japan doing martial arts training until the end of the year! Next convention I’m going to is LSCC in Feb and I can’t wait :slight_smile: maybe see some of you there?


I’m not going to be there… but you can pick up some books (Something Wicked #10 & #11, FutureQuake #27!) which feature short stories I’ve written (from Table 133, FutureQuake Press!) :smiley:


Had a great time as always. Met up with some cool people, met some new people and came away with some cool swag. I’ll my sketches/commissions in the Original Art thread.

Sketchbooks from Dean Beattie, Frazer Irving, Jonathan Edwards, 2000 ad (this is amazing) and Andrew Wildman.

Some books by the incredible Etherington Brothers, Robert Deas and some Cinebook swag.

Print by Lorenzo Etherington

Some indie comics