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This weekend's box office. Very interesting...


Apparently, it’s the worst of 2015 and I have two theories about this.

1/ I think it’s murder releasing something between August and late November. I think audiences and critics are just tired and even I, the most enthusiastic viewer, kind of stumble in as it’s cold and dark and you don’t have that crazy buzz you have in the first half of the year. Christmas movies gee us up a little bit, but just hard to motivate an Autumn audience.

2/ Our Brand Is In Crisis might have Sandra Bullock, but who’s relating to a PR exec trying to manage a Bolivian presidential candidate? Who is that aimed at? Ditto Burnt. It’s about A Chef With Nothing To Lose and if you don’t believe me check the poster.

Here’s a list of the weekend releases and it’s pretty grim, but not unexpected. I find box office tends to be pretty directly proportional to my own excitement. Any surprises here for you?



Did you like Spectre? I thought it far superior to Skyfall.


I haven’t seen it yet. AND I’ve been off work. A sure sign of that Autumn malaise.

Def going this week, but I have to say… Craig’s moany face and saying how much he hates being James Bond definitely killed my excitement.



I never have watched a complete James Bond movie, so Spectre is not alluring to me. I like that it got bits filmed in Mexico. Reckon I should give the Bond franchise a try. The other ones are even unrecognizable, not much promotion done about them, specially in Ireland (besides Spectre and the Witch hunter). The Martian continues to lead, and was the last mainstream film I saw, even though the going is slow, it seems that people want to see Damon lost on Mars (great book and very good film). Halloween expenditure and the subsequent exhaustion might have had something to do with the low numbers (no Halloween themed movie but Hotel Transylvania 2).


This was discussed a bit in the Box Office thread, but it does seem like there’s room each year for maybe one or two big hit movies around October - Gravity in 2013, Gone Girl last year and probably The Martian and Spectre this year - but that might be as much because the rest of the movies coming out around that period are under-performing as anything else.

Summers are getting so crammed now that maybe there is just a sense that audiences need a breather before the big Christmas movies come out (the Hobbit for the last few years, and this year… something with spaceships I think. I forget.)


Watching the trailer for ‘Our Brand is Crisis’, I didn’t see why I should care?

Bullock is great but they never gave me a reason to want her character to win, especially as she’s representing a guy I don’t want to win?

‘Burnt’ is probably a bit late as we’ve had years of Gordon Ramsey sceaming at people on television.

The thing about these, and ‘Truth’ and ‘The Walk’ etc. is that I could see them doing fine on TV. But not at $10-$20 a ticket in a cinema.


I can’t go and see something where I feel I know the ending. The Martian suffered a bit that way for me… like how many obstacles till they get him off. Likewise, The Walk doesn’t suggest at any point he isn’t going to make it. So I don’t bother watching.



I felt the same with the Martian…never any real sense of jeopardy, so it felt like you were going through the motions. The book also ran out of steam for me after the initial concept wore off.

I watched the documentary which covers the events of The Walk- ‘Man on Wire’ and it was pretty entertaining as a sort of caper movie…how they planned it out, etc. but I haven’t felt compelled to go see that movie either…think the doc is probably better- a guy walking a CGI tightrope doesn’t seem all that thrilling when you’ve seen footage of the real thing.


Sicario was brilliant, but probably too dark for a huge return.

It opened wide on Oct. 2 in North America, and still made $42 million stateside ($69 million global) which is probably pretty good for a gritty, violent film starring Emily Blunt.


Craig’s “Greetin’ face” and the lack of any fun, combined with Christoph Waltz acting like an unemployed childrens’ entertainer made Spectre a bit of a stinker for me. I wasn’t overly impressed with Skyfall either. All a bit dry for me.

The Martian had zero tension for me. Watching Gravity I thought “they might just kill off Sandy here” but with the Martian I knew Matt Damon would be home and cute in no time.

“Autumn scunnery” is my diagnosis.


Knowing the ending hasn’t hurt ‘The Martian’, but I think some trailers give away too much of the plot sometimes.

If it’s the journey not the destination that counts for most people, then the journey should be teased, not laid out in all it’s detail.



This is what I said in the other thread where we discussed this. I think studios know this is a wasteland and use it for films they either expect to underperform or don’t know what to do with and hope they find an audience. There have been a few great films like Gone Girl that came out in this time period and they tend to clean up against the lightweights they’re surrounded by.


Halloween night we wanted to see a show after trick-or-treat, we were in my old neighborhood that has a great theater from the 1920’s and the marquee said “Burnt”, my daughter totally thought it was a horror movie. You can imagine her disappointment when we saw the poster. :wink: (he could be killing people in that kitchen!!)


I loved Goosebumps, so I’m glad that it’s doing well on the charts - even though it’s not making that much money anyway.
Very much the kid friendly movie that Super 8 also tried to riff on.


‘Super 8’ was a very confused film, part ‘ET’ part ‘Predator’.

‘Goosebumps’ is something I might watch on TV where, I imagine it will do very well too.


Yeah, that’s why I said tried haha.
Goosebumps is a bit confused too. It tries to give the adults watching some jokes too, but out of the handful, most fall flat.
Very good for the kids though, and I bet that those who watch TV will likely flock to it.


Totally agree. Super 8 couldn’t decide if the monster was a threat or the hero. It ate people, but we were supposed to pity it. The army were baddies and goodies. It was just all over the place.

I felt it was very cynically conceived actually. I love JJ’s stuff, but this didn’t work for me at all.



Cynically conceived is really the best way to put it.
I am all for trying to revive Kid Gang films. but this was less coming from a place that engenders that working, and purposefully creating a mold in that vein.

The tonal issues really highlighted that. It aimed for E.T. and missed oh so hard
Goosebumps aimed for Monster Squad…and brushes against it. This box office turn out is disappointing, but it’s made to make a nice return on rental/video.


I think it was a bit selfishly conceived? It was a film that had the things that the people who made it wanted to include, whether they worked or not?

So they wanted Spielbergian kids in a suburban neighbourhood enountering something otherworldly, but they also wanted the creepy, X-Files, horror scenes and they wanted a big battle with a monster.

Guys, pick one!