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This is where you talk about Fight Club.


Well it may not be an action movie exactly…but it is a bit similar. It has a similar plot structure. Guy joins intriguing group of people, finds some sense belonging in the group, then finds out they’re in fact evil and has to defeat them.

My main point is it is a piece of entertainment first and foremost. It has excitement, it has action, people blow shit up, and it has a nice twist at the end.



Well, I always view the movie as drama with dark humor in it. And when the movie came out, the studio marketed it toward adolescent males, who are probably the movie’s biggest fans.
Yet, there is very provoking subject matter beneath and there are many imperfections, antics and oddities that actually helped the film. It’s a sort of movie that you can pick up new detail each time you watch it. But yes, I agree, it’s an enterteinment film above all. I was 14 when I seen it for the first time and loved its style and actors, though it was downright confusing.


One other point about Fight Club. No-one ever seems to mention that it’s a underachieving white male movie. Poor angry white guys bitter about the world. The only woman in it is horrible who swoons at the feet of the protagonist and offers him mindblowing sex. The only minority is an Asian store worker who needs the white men to threatening him in order to kick himself into improving himself. If Incels wrote a movie, it’d be Fight Club. If Incels had a hero, it’d be Jack.

If Fight Club were released today I think it’d be torn apart.


Hey, if incels can make a movie as awesome as this, they’re alright in my book.


Yeah, exactly. I mean, that’s what the movie is about.

Well, it’d be Tyler. Again, that’s the entire point. That’s why the narrator makes him up.


Speaking of the Narrator making stuff up, he’s obviously an unreliable narrator, so does that make even more of the film suspect than just the existence of Tyler Durden?

More of the movie could have just been a power fantasy on the Narrator’s behalf.

Consider the ending, where Narrator manages to defeat the alter ego he constructed, gets the girl, and watches the world burn as the Pixies play in the background. Is this on the level, or just “Jack” writing a happy ending for himself? Or did the gunshot to the head kill him, and everything after that is his dying mind?

There’s actually one strange shot toward the end of the film where we see “Jack” being dragged by an invisible Tyler Durden from the POV of a security camera. Which would be physically impossible to do, which implies that either Tyler Durden is realer than we give him credit for, or there is something else going on.


This is how I always read it. By that point you know he is an unreliable narrator, and it’s also unfeasible for him to survive his injury. The final shots of the movie are his dying fantasy.


This shot has always bugged me for that reason.


Yeah, I think that’s definitely a possible reading.


The whole idea around it, is that the narrator plays really no one significant, the person next to you, which is pointed out as that very few people had courage and entrap themselves within their fantasy. I don’t see it as neccessarily angry white guys, it could be any guy. That’s why I said above it’s movie “made by men, for men, and about men”. This about stands for men of late 20th and possibly 21th century.


Yeah, it is more like a Hitchcock thriller with dark comic overtones than an action movie. At the same time, I think Hitchcock’s movies like NORTH BY NORTHWEST were considered “action movies” at the time.



Cameron Stewart is great but I dunno.
Did Fight Club 2 end in a way that screamed sequel?


But every page and issue screamed “this is tripe”