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This is the Doctor Strange Movie thread!!

Because as far as I can see there isn’t one here and my God we’re gonna need one!!! :slight_smile:



Reviews are coming in:

The consensus so far seems to be that it looks fantastic, but the plot is a bit too formulaic.

I’ll be seeing it on Tuesday.

3D or no?

It’s not playing in 3D anywhere near me, at least not from Tuesday-Thursday.

That’s the impression I gained from the trailer, too. Still, that’s not such a bad thing.

I like this quote from a review:

an hallucinogenic trip along a very familiar path, watching the film is like adding a large dose of LSD to your morning commute

Heh. Sounds about right.


Its not playing many 3D cinemas near me either, but I’ve read some commentary that says the 3D is quite good.

Train to Glasgow for work Friday.
Missus arrives for evening screening at IMAX Glasgow Science Centre at 6
Dinner in the city then train with drinks home


‘Doctor Strange’ Review: Newest Marvel Superhero Makes Some Magic

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I got a Doctor Strange poster yesterday.

The front:

The back:


Haircut and movie mid-week, when I can have the whole theater to myself!

Need a VOTE!




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Lucky you getting that choice. Only IMAX 3D here, love IMAX but 3D isn’t for me. Going to see it IMAX 3D on Tuesday night though, rather looking forward to it, very impressed these Marvel films haven’t worn thin on me yet. I only watch them the once in the pictures and then don’t bother with a second viewing after that, but they’ve all been really enjoyable and really surprisingly memorable. I’m really bad for forgetting films after a while, but I reckon I can remember all the characters and plot from any Marvel film, and quote you a good few lines I enjoyed.

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I’d pick IMAX over 3D every time. I can’t remember 3D ever really adding to a movie but the handful of times I’ve seen a movie in IMAX it’s really drawn me in.


Imax 3D, due to circumstances rather than choice but still, it may be the right film, given all the weird, reality bending VFX in the film.


Just regular 2D for me. Looking forward to it, I’ve got tickets booked for Tuesday.

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I’m a 2d man myself. I’ll probably try for Sunday but haven’t nailed down a time yet. My 9 year old daughter desperate to see it and saying that all her school pals are talking about it but 15 year old son not so much . Is it the movie or is hanging around with Dad that’s the turn off ? !


IMAX it is. Also three bucks cheaper.


I’m normally 2D for 99% of films but some occasionally deserve it, like Avatar or Gravity. Some suggestions this may be one of those so I’ll likely go for threed, with the caveat however that cinema tickets here are cheap as chips.


I enjoyed it … it’s relatively slow-paced, but it does its job well in introducing a much
more esoteric Marvel character, grounding him in the established MU while giving room for his own story. Yes, it’s a bit formulaic, yes it glides over some things, but doesn’t at all stop it being enjoyable.

The cast is great - Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Benedict Wong are all solid additions to the ranks of MU supporting characters. Cumberbatch more than makes Strange work for him (and he’s much better as Strange than he was in Star Trek)

The film places itself timewise both implicitly and explicitly after Civil War (which I guess contradicts the previous throwaway mention of Strange in the Winter Soldier), and there are the obligatory shoe-ins to the wider Marvel movie universe plot (which felt a bit clangery) but yeah, I’d watch Cumberbatch et al go round those houses again.

(Oh and saw it in 3D and the Inception-y stuff was fine to my (admittedly uncritical compared to many here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) eye)


I thought it was okay. Enjoyable, but not Marvel’s strongest.

It does look fantastic. It’s the first Marvel movie in which the action scenes are the best parts for me.

The cast is great too, especially Swinton and Ejiofor. Benedict Wong is good in the few moments he gets. I’m glad they didn’t try to shoehorn in any cameos from the other heroes until the post-credits scene.

There’s almost no plot though, and Strange’s character arc never felt believable to me. The third act feels incredibly rushed, with the big bad dealt with far too easily.

Even by the standards of the Marvel movies, Rachel McAdams gets nothing to do. I guess the character may have gotten more to do in earlier drafts of the script, but I’m not sure what that could have been.

It was also the least funny of the Marvel movies, that I’ve seen at least. I chuckled a few times, but I was laughing constantly through most of the previous ones.