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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


One word of warning – it takes twice as long to play as the box claims it does! (Or maybe we’re just bad players :smiley: )


I play Twilight Imperium on a semi-regular basis. Long play times are not a concern.


It’s not long by my definition, but it is longer than it claims so don’t start it if you have to be somewhere else in two hours is what I meant :slight_smile:

There is a way you can “save” your current position and pick it up at a different time, but I’m not sure how well it works, and I wouldn’t want to do that anyway.


Logan and I played a game of Bandu at my Tabletop Day event on Saturday. I commented that it would be really easy to play with the boys’ wooden blocks. So today at Lo’s insisitance we had a go. Seems to work rather well.


Got in the game for our battletech campaign . It was an interesting scrap. We had to retreat our forces accross the board. It was going well we even had our slowest unit at the spearhead of our edforts. Until unfortunately we suffered our first team member loss as Lorcan punched the head from our biggest mech. We then set about wiping out the opposition in an effort to recover the remains of our fallen comrade.


Lady Penelope was in charge of parking the pod vehicles in last night’s game. I’ll say no more…


I’ve just finished playing my first game of Twilight Struggle. TS is a strategic war game which pits the USSR off against the USA during the Cold War. Players use cards in a dual role as either action points or as events to influence countries and gain power.
Such a great game and very cleverly balanced.

I was playing as the USSR and managed to take control of the game through the early war phase and into the mid war. Although a gamble of a high scoring move didn’t pay off and opened the door for a US victory. I even took an all or nothing nuclear holocaust move which, while delaying the end of the game, didn’t stop the onslaught of points being scored.


Theo was playing on my iPad this morning. Turns out he likes The Castles of Mad King Lidwig.


Started Pandemic Legacy today, we lost but were mighty close to the win…

Pete was not happy when that happened!


We finally got around to playing the second game of February last week. And we lost. On the bright side of things, at least we’ll get 6 event cards for the next game.


That’s the story of our pandemic career. we missed out on the win by two cards last game.


In your experiences how long did the post game stuff take? It felt as if we spent longer deciding which upgrades to use than we had actually playing.


Maybe 10 minutes? Though as a group we’ve been gaming a long time and are often on the same wavelength



That’s because of gaming!

We probably spent more time working out the logistics of the last 3 players go. Once we figured out we where running out of cards and coming to an end game. Than we did picking the upgrades.
You and pete really wanted that Sunset. Where I could see it was futile.


Apart from Undercity my board game playing has been a little curtailed of late, except for an epic Battlestar Galactica game which ended up with a human victory, despite the Admiral and Vice President being Cylons.

Mostly been getting ready for Warmachine Mark 3, playing Guildball and some Malifaux. But Mark 3 is now here so getting back into the swing of that.


I want to break out my Warmachine bits for MK3. Gave been enjoying what I’ve read/been told by Lorcan. Did purchase the decks for Warroom.

But with the rate I’m currently gaming. It’ll be a while as I’m going with my first love of Battletech when I do get out.


Great games night tonight. Started with a win in Pandemic Legacy, then I won a dexterity flicking game called Ice Cool. I also won Machi Koro which was brilliant because my steady progress towards the victory condition had gone unoticed by two of the other players both of whom were discussing the dice rolls they needed to win in the next turn. I found it quite satisfying to announce it didn’t matter what my roll was I was going to win.
The only downside was a game of King of Tokyo in which I was the first player to be eliminated.


Had a mixed bag session with the Pandemic Legacy group last night.

To start with we accidentally opened a box we shouldn’t have and because of that have a few spoilers for the later game…

We then went on to win our first try at February, still no eradication bonuses but we did what we needed to for the win.

We decided as it was a shorter game to move onto March and see what happened. We were totally overrun by our first multiple outbreak chain which was so bad it brought the game to an early close. I think if people hadn’t needed to leave early we would probably have reset and gone again.

I also had another game of Twilight Struggle early in the week. I was playing as USSR and held a good position into the midway point of the midwar phase (approximately half of the games total length). Unfortunately both myself and my opponent needed up with hands of scoring cards and I knew immediately that it would not only swing the game in favour of the US player but likely win him the game. I was right.


Got a couple of new games. Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective. You play as a Baker Street Irregular trying to solve cases at the same time as Holmes. There are newspapers and various maps and directories to London as well as a clue book for the individual mystery. Done 1 and we beat Holmes.

Then also on a Holmesian kick - Study in Emerald, based on the Gaiman short story. Restorationists try to kill the Cthulhu monarchs. A little deck building in game, some paranoia and seems fun. Only played once so far.


I bought King of Tokyo for a (9 year old) friend’s birthday last week and it was GREAT!