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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...



So apparently there’s a Kickstarter GHOSTBUSTERS board game, based on the animated series. It’s based on the Zombicide style of gamplay by the looks of things but what’s really interesting (especially in light of the debate raging around the 2016 Ghostbusters) are the following bios:

For Janine, who was never window dressing regardless of what anyone says (although I did have the hots for her) a bio that describes her character perfectly:

And for Winston, his original bio that was glossed over in the movie, in favour of the everyman role:

I think the game is live but I’m too lazy find out where to buy it.


A kickstarted Ghostbusters board game came out a few months ago, I assume this is it?


That might be it.


There’s a similar looking TMNT game that finished on Kickstarter recently. Based on the IDW series (and I think even made by IDW) with lots of miniatures. Pretty pricey though - about $125 for “the works” option, which has all the Kickstarter exclusive extras like Rocksteady and Bebop.


Yeah, that’s the one. It’s in my local game shop.


Would Magic The Gathering card game also be considered a Board Game due to the table play? It still seems to be insanely popular.


It keeps most gaming shops in business so it can’t be ignored.

It isn’t my cup of tea but I can see the attraction.


Yeah, even though it was compared to Dungeons and Dragons for some reason, none of the trading card battle games appealed to me as much as a regular RPG.


More Prodigals this evening. Tried it with all three modules for the first time. Lots to think about and to try and balance but still very enjoyable.


I ventured out to the games night held at Heffers in Cambridge yesterday. It’s a big session with lots of tables and a lot of regulars. Nice and friendly too, I was invited to join a game of Saboteur just after I had walked in (weird situation though playing a bluffing game with a group of people you have never met but who all know each other.). I then got asked if I wanted to play Battlelore. It was okay, not brilliant.

I took advantage of all purchase made during the event having a 10% discount and picked up Legendary Encounters. Just finished my first play of it going through the Alien deck and got close to a win. Looking forward to playing a bit more solo with this but also with a group.


Just received: all 7 expansions for the Thunderbirds game.

I don’t want to use them all until I understand how they affect game balance. Our win rate at the game is still around 50/50 and I think we need to get better before we make it harder!




International Rescue wouldn’t back down from an unknown challenge.


Spoken like someone who’s never played Shadowrun Crossfire.


Currently playing a game of Witcher: Adveture Game. Some downtime between turns but overall quite a good game.

I am playing as Dandelion the bard and I am filling the game with innuendo as I describe his interactions with female npc’s.

Lots of the investigation cards you have to collect to complete quests have an “if Dandelion…” rules which are basically benefits or consequences for being promiscuous.


It is International Tabletop Day tomorrow and we are off to a new game/puzzle store that opened in the area. Anyone else doing anything?


I’m running an event at the local library. We had a great turnout last time we held an event there and they are keen to have is in more often.

It is likely to be a younger audience so we are taking a lot more light and family games but a few heavier things if people are interested.


My friend got a new game called Time Stories, which he made us all play after the main game last week. I was sceptical of the concept, but ended up thoroughly engrossed in it and want to play it again. It’s incredibly clever.

How to describe the premise…? You know those old text-based adventure games where you look round a room, pick up items, and use them to solve a puzzle in the next room? It’s like that, but done on a board. The game mechanics are really clever, using cards to reveal rooms and items, and the mystery you’re trying to solve is very well thought out and, as I said, engrossing. The production values are beautiful (and I suspect it was really expensive). You get one “story” in the basic set and have to buy new card decks to get further stories, but it looks like we will get a lot of hours of play out of the basic story, so probably worth the money.

We failed miserably on our first attempt, ran out of time, and tried it a second time – this time we actually solved the mystery (we think) but were completely unprepared for the big fight at (what we think is) the end, and got slaughtered.

You know how in those games when you die you just re-start the game and do better because you know what not to do? The game has an in-story explanation for that. You’re actually playing “time agents”, sent back in time to do the mission. If you fail in the past, you go back and try again (like that film, what’s it called? on the train) and obviously you have the memories of your first failure. So on the second run we were like, “Don’t need to to go that room, don’t go near that crazy guy, get the key before we go to that room,”, etc., without feeling like we were cheating :slight_smile:

Really recommend it if you’ve got a group who likes RPGs and/or cooperative board games.


A friend of mine has it and I really want to try it out soon