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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


Of the Zombie games I’ve played it’s probably the best. Though my group would much rather play Firefly or Battlestar if we’re going to play a large lengthy game.


I liked Zombicide but found a few of the rules a little misguided. Especially the shooting into a space shared between zombies and humans rule.
I think cruising up and down the street in a pimp-mobile running down the undead certainly made up for that though.


Got Tiny Epic Galaxies yesterday which scales pretty well for 1-5 and is nice and quick. The game we have been playing a few games of recently is Colt Express, not just because of the 3d train, but it also plays well with less experienced board gamers.


I’ve only played Colt Express twice but really enjoyed it both times, it is one of the few games on my played list that I actually won. The 3D train is great and certainly draws new players into the game.


I was looking at that rule. We only play it when the zombies and the humans are in the same space…kinda like it’s total madness and mayhem and bullets flying everywhere.

If you’re shooting into the next space or down the road etc, that rule falls away for us.


We ended up ignoring it if the character had the shooting skill or rolling a d6 to determine if the player hits a zombie or player character.


I’ve had Tiny Epic Kingdoms for a while now but have yet to have a game of it.

It got to the table last year and we were just getting set up when one of the players threw up. Thankfully he missed the game but we never ended up playing.


I was invited to play some games on the 1st which was a great way to start the new year.
We played Kingdom Builder, Pompeii, Heck Meck and Braverats.
Pompeii was really good and I can see it being brutal with more than two players. Once the volcano erupts the board would change dramatically between each of your turns.
Also played Formula D with my son this morning, heavily modified of course, he managed to win.
I also spent some time last night photographing a few of my games as I did it hard to find decent stock images to use for photos on Facebook events. After a few hours of snapping I got a few I liked.


Off to play some more games this evening including this

Zombie Tower 3D, I’m hoping that the game is actually as good as the components… But I’m not holding my breath.


Cant’ wait to hear your feedback on if the game was any good!

So much fun.
It’s like an evil game of Uno.
Get it!
Great little party game


Interesting looking game.

time to google!
Lets know how it works out.


It actually turned out to be a surprisingly good co-op game. The screen helped overcome the Alpha Gamer issue as nobody was fully aware of where the other players were and you only played on your quadrant of the board.
You have 12 rounds to try and complete one of two win conditions which revolve around collecting specific items. If a player dies or if you haven’t achieved the win conditions by the end if the 12th round everyone loses.
Each player has a set of three hidden minor objectives which grant bonus points if achieved (these are like the hidden objective cards in Dead of Winter), players also earn points for saving survivors. This means that if you manage to win you then have an overall winner.
We won with one player turn left in round 12.

We also played New York 1901 which has been getting a lot of buzz lately. While I don’t agree that it replaces Ticket to Ride it is certainly a strong game which would be good to use as a follow on from TtR.


I just got Smash Up for Christmas. I can’t wait to find some folks to play with.


I also picked up Dungeon Boss and Smallworld. I’ve played DB with my wife, but don’t really have any geek friends to game with yet. :frowning:


Doesn’t that Ronnie guy live near you?


Unfortunately he does not. I live in the StL area and he lives in Ohio.


Smash Up is good fun but with the possibility of being quite thinky, if you get a good faction pairing.

I played another game of New York 1901 yesterday and it was just as good the second time round. I played a really aggressive game blocking opponents and grabbing land but, despite taking quite a significant early lead, ran out of steam and larger areas to construct prestige buildings as the end game approached.

I also played Survive: Escape from Atlantis which had been on my wish list for a while. Managed to tie for the lead in that game despite choosing to place my meeples using a “totally random, I’ll never remember which ones had which value anyway” system at the beginning of the game. Lots of fun, lots of back stabbing!


Pandemic Legacy update. We managed to win Game 4 and then the whole thing changed. We’ve got one session left of Season1 and we will be starting with 3 games lost again.


Anyone remember Dark Tower?


I have heard it talked about on board gaming podcasts but have never seen it myself.

Game of the moment for me is The Prodigal’s Club. You are a member of high society trying to lose it all. So far only played with the possessions and election modules but this is busy enough. It is an action selection/worker placement game. Your final score is whichever element you have the highest score in.
The final module of the game is friends but we have yet to try it with that. It can also be combined with the game Last Will.