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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


For a game that’s supposed to take 45-60 minutes, four of us managed to take 2 hours tonight. Again we won, but only by the skin of our teeth. Where we almost lost the first game to the Hood’s schemes but were on top of the rescues, in this one we were never in trouble with the Hood but consantly teetered on the edge of a one-disaster-too-many loss. We probably took so long to play because we spent all the time arguing over optimum division of rescue tasks.

All agreed it is a most FAB game.


Ahh Gamers!
Trust us to overcomplicate something that might be easier done.


We played Thunderbirds with 2 players on Friday and expected it to be like Pandemic. It does evoke the show well though no Parker means Lady Penelope is left driving herself. It’ll be interesting to try it with more players.

I also tried T.I.M.E stories last week and didn’t finish the mission in the box. Some nice mechanics, especially in the set up of each scene.


We picked up Pandemic Legacy today and played the first game. It’s got some interesting twists coming off of Pandemic and off of the legacy concept as peioneered by Risk. I enjoyed it and look forward to playing more.


We also angered the gawds of Risk Legacy’s and shall pay the price from on.


You get Parker (plus Tintin and Brains) in a forthcoming expansion.

Which I’ll get when it’s released because I went a bit mad with my kickstarter pledge :blush:


Yeah my friend has done the same.


I missed out playing Thunderbirds at the last games night as I was on a school residential.
The group said it played just like an episode of the show, pulling off the victory by the skin of their teeth at the last possible moment.
Hopefully it will be at the next games night too,


A quick photo of recent BattleTech miniature painting, lit with the torch on another phone (hence the long shadows). I still need to add some grass to the bases.


I suspect many gamers will sympathise:


I’d take off and Nuke the site from orbit.

Tis the only way to be sure.


So myself and Lorcan are big fans of battletech and it’s various parts.
We chose to run a Alpha Strike Game on the last day of a con here last Month. Which is a streamlined version of the battletech tech system.
Basically as Epic is to 40K. Letting you field more stuff and kill it quicker.

This is an account of the last game we played.

In the Early 30th century House Kurtia and House Davion knocked the snot out of each other. Over pretty much everything.
This is one of those pointless battles.

With the Draconias forces (Evil Grey dudes) preforming a combat drop in order to take the Davion ( Our Handsomely heroic green guys) area.
Here are the Davions Starting positions as they await to repel all attackers.

We are in our base.

Turn 1
Tai-sa Dlyan drops his heavier units right on the command center. With the lighter elements landing further away to try prevent damage.
They only have two mechs that suffer issues in the drop with the Spider and the Banshee messing up and taking damage.
As the Davions I used my fast units to try finish off the spider that had landed out of cover. While the majority of my forces moved on the reinforced assault lance viewing it as the bigger treat.
While both sides Skirmishing lances moving to engage each other.
With the Kurtians unable to fire but still getting a +3 for the drop they take a Minor smattering of armour damage.
But all survive.

Turn 2

The Dracs are in the fight this turn. And they let me know it. I start taking armor damage from all sides. The Hunchback getting lucky with several of the assault mechs missing it.
The Harrashers get behind his Sniper lance and go to work on the Catapult.
While my main force inside the base Drop the Banshee and strip the armor from the Cyclops.
The Enforcers lance mess up their attempts to drop Grand Dragon but do a bit of damage to it.

We are in our Base Killing your Dudes!

Turn 3
The Davions put their backs to the wall as the Ryuken surround them.
The Harrashers continue to batter the Catapult. The command have the honor of being the focus of the Davion firepower. It pays off as the Awesome goes down. It is quickly followed by the Dragon that moved to assist it. The Infantry pay off by doing some crits to the Atlas.
In retaliation the flanking Victor takes a battering and goes down. While the medium lance has a lot of it armor removed.

Turn 4
The Kurita Sniper lance reforms in the woods closer to the target base. Hoping they can contribute a bit more to the game. The Clint joins the Harrashers but they fail to do any more damage to the Catapult.
It’s now the Davion s force turn to do the surrounding and the remains of the enemy command lance are taken from all sides.
Both sides loose a Cyclops this turn. The Drac Atlas takes more crits loosing FCS, Dam and Movement. But it still stays upright.
The Davions are still taking a pasting on the armor front. And the hatchetman takes FC hits. But Lorcan just keeps missing out on downing mechs for good. While I appear able to finish off his units.

Turn 5
Tai-Sa Dylan may have left it to late to bring his lighter forces to the battle.
The Sniper lance move closer again. But loose a Panther to the pursuing trio.
Meanwhile recon force finally get into the fight pinging the defenders as they come around. Incoming shots on them fail to find their targets.
The Davions exit the base and regroup on the far aside away from many of the Drac mechs incoming. They end the Grasshopper threat as they leave. And the neutered Atlas goes down removing all of the command lance from the game.

Turn 6
This turn was brutal. I lose the Hatchetman,Blackjack and an Enforcer to the more mobile mechs running around the back lines.
The Spider and a Jenner pay the price for this thou. And the Cicada and Catapult are both down to 1 piont of structure. Only two of the Sniper lance remain undamaged on the Drac side.
The last of the easy kills on the Davion side having been removed this turn. Lorcan puts forward the notion of a tactical retreat to Tai-sa Dylan.

Lorcan claimed a Moral Victory for making me abandon the HQ. I claim that I was still HQ adjacent on that front. A fun 3025 game. Interesting to play AS with lower Damage output than the more high tech era units.
Again I think it’s the fast units that win out in AlphaStrike time and time again. The Heavy hitters are great but if they can’t connect they just get pinged to death.

Also really happy with how the Tankers worked out for the Davions. Paired fire-teams are awesome fun.Can’t help but feel they would have gone down easy had he focused on them. But that would have meant ignoring the mech threats.
And it’s been such a long time since we combat dropped. Which was nice to have happen again.
Lorcan did point out that I could have removed the panthers if I had focused on them instead of the Catapult. But I stand by my choice.

After Victory I had a quick word with the Kuritian Commander!
Tai-sa Dylan is less than impressed with the Davion Victory Salute!


Anyone after an educational board game with actual science could check out NASA’s free download…

(Some parts require cutting out – you might need to get an adult to help you with this.)


Started Pandemic Legacy the other weekend with friends. Pandemic is great normally, but this ratcheted up the tension. We have even become paranoid that one area of the map is called Pacific Rim. We stopped with one game left to play in June and having lost 3 games in a row. Lose 4 and we open a special box. That first game next time will have a lot riding on it.


We played game 2 last week and came this close to winning. Sadly we got greedy and tried to eradicate two diseases, when we should have just gone for curing three.


What’s this we business.

I believe I was overruled by the panel.


You were the one who insisted on it!



Really glad to have found this thread.

I see LEGENDARY already got a mention. It’s by far my favourite board game and with the expansion packs, the game just gets better.

Other awesome games which I can recommend:


Find weapons. Kill zombies. Survive. I think there’s like 3 “seasons” and 1 expansion pack available and they’re all awesome. Best played with the full amount of players.


So much fun! It’s basically a deck/board game. You take two factions and mix them together: so you can get Pirates/Zombies or Ninjas/Pirates or Dinosaur/Ninjas team ups. And each combo plays differently to another. An excellent game: the more players you have, the better.


I really want to give Zombicide a go. It’s expensive though


I think its totally worth the money :smile:
It’s a very cool game if you’re playing with the right people.