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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


Unless you want it as purely ornamental or want to give it to someone else, none.


It’s not that one “can’t” play chess, some just don’t :wink:

I played this with some buds a few weeks ago, might pick it up for the family. Of course my daughter wants to know when the Millarworld version is coming out.


Fantastic, Chris. You’re a far better painter than me – there’s no way I could do that level of detail. If it looks ok when I take my reading glasses off, I count it as “good” :smiley:


For comparison with Chris’s work, this is my current batch of work in progress in all its glorious shoddiness:


Washing and drybrushing are really easy and would help those guys along a lot. To get a bit more advanced avoid using black and white as base colours and use dark grey or blue followed by a black wash for black, and light grey followed by a white drybrush for white.


Where did you get the pack mules/horses from David?

I am doing miniature painting with some kids at school and the general consensus was for painting some animals. Those would be perfect.

The rat really isn’t all that detailed, if I’m honest there is very little “painting” there. All of the fur (so most of the rat) is dry brushed with various shades of brown, the tail and paws are flesh coloured with a heavy dose of sepia wash and the metal is dry brushed silver. The only painting is on the leather strap and edge of the shoulder pad. The eyes and teeth were very delicate dabbing with a lot of hoping my hand would stay steady.


I go by the “arms reach” rule myself.


One of my regulars bought the DC set for playing against his grandkids.
Think he spent 300 quid on it. And is only now learning the rules with the Inns chess Club.

I set him up a chess app on his phone for practice.
So far he’s enjoying getting his ass kicked.

Why can’t you play Al?


28mm range from Wargames Foundry. There are a variety of animals here: and more exotic types if you follow the “Animals” link at the top.


Thanks David.

I just finished the third rat, decided to try something different with this one to make it stand out from the others and to give me something visually different for the elite rats (in the game rules you just put a counter under the base to show it is an elite).
I’m really happy with this one, hopefully the pictures do it justice.

I will try not to post anymore pictures until I have the whole set done.


Here are some of my latest painted minis.


He’s on a bear. A mother fucking bear!

He’s a great mini.


Brilliant stuff.


Speaking of painted miniatures, here’s a few for BattleTech which I finished off today


I look forward to ruining the new paint jobs.

Plus nice work


I am being challenged to play chess again and that is getting my competitive side flowing. I am planning on brushing up my chess fu again…


Give em hell Al.


Just received this. Hopefully can make time to play it at the weekend.


Just finished our first run through of the Thunderbirds game. The game play is very simple, but figuring out the best strategy isn’t. We won, but only barely, so I would say the game balance is pretty good. And you can increase the difficulty as you get better, so it shouldn’t ever become a walk-over.

The basic idea is, you have to defeat three of the Hood’s evil schemes while at the same time performing rescues. A new disaster appears each turn, so you need to be performing at least one rescue per turn or be swamped by them (and lose) but every rescue you perform has a chance of advancing the Hood’s schemes (so you lose). Then there’s random events to thwart you. Having Thunderbird 2’s hydraulics stuck when you desperately need to swap pod vehicles is not funny! (Actually it really is if you’re not the player in Thunderbird 2 :laughing: )

Overall I was very impressed. It was fun and it captured the spirit of the programme very well. I’ll try to convince the gang to play it tomorrow and see how it holds up with four players (there were just two of us tonight). I have a feeling it could get chaotic very quickly. “You don’t mind if I take Thunderbird 1 to North America do you?” “What??? Yes!!! I need it in Australia!”


This sounds like it might be similar to Shadowrun Crossfire.