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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...

This was shared in our d&d group chat yesterday. We immediately discussed picking up bar wenches in our next session.


I acquired my first ever counterfeit copy of a game yesterday.

I ordered a copy of Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle for the family.
Got home to find that delivery guy had dropped the box over our side gate. The corners of the Amazon box were in a bad way and upon opening so were the corners of the game box itself.
I set about complaining and considered sending it straight back.
After some consideration I opened the box to check the contents and things just didn’t seem right. Component boxes were partially open, the player boards had damage, the images on the cards were very dark not what I remembered from the videos I had watched before making the purchase.
All of the components came pre-punched which is not something I was used to but I also had not bought a game from this publisher before. However the cardboard counters had not been cut correctly, see the image.

I contacted USAopoly (the publisher) for replacement parts and decided to return the game to Amazon anyway.
This morning I got an email back from USAoply explaining that they believe, based on my description, that the game is an “unauthorised version” and it should be returned immediately to the seller.

Viticulture - good. Takes probably half a game to figure how to play.
Spirit Island - great fun. Can be overwhelming for new players.

Aristeia- heard good things. Do not need another miniatures game
7 Wonders Duel - good fun. Still prefer the full game more.

magic maze - can be very fun, but also can be frustrating if you play higher numbers and players only have one option.


I am very behind on gaming. We have had Gloomhaven for a year, Hellboy, Res Evil 2, Dark Souls cardgame, Above and Below as well as Hanamikoji and not played any of them.

Guild Ball is my minis game of choice, but about to try Malifaux 3rd edition after walking away from 2nd ed. Also probably playing some Frostgrave as well. I also desperately want to play some Necromunda.

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My group is all in on Scythe at the moment. We have started the campaign and have all booked the day off work tomorrow for a 8am-7pm session (well, one guy is phoning in sick).

I just need to finish paining some figures today. Cranked out some more yesterday. Spoiler tagged a picture from the campaign.


Those look amazing. Really well done. How long does it take you to do each one of those?


Thanks Dave. I generally do one character per evening. There are 5 in the base game and 2 in one of the expansions and each comes with 4 mechs. I do the 4 mechs in one evening as well. Keeping them fairly basic.

Went back and hid one of the pics. The campaign features a load of boxes that are only opened when directed by the campaign book. Kind of like a legacy game.


Nice. I’m always a little bit in awe of people who can paint so precisely. It’s not a skill I’ve ever mastered.


I’m by no means that great a painter. Probably in the above average/good enough range. I look at some of the paint jobs in the White Dwarf mag when I’m in WHSmiths and am always gobsmacked at the standard.

I’ll try and remember to take some photos tomorrow and put together a little game session recap.