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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


Not a single one of their (many) photographs illustrate that. Some of the photos seem to go out of their way to make them look like flat coins.

They do look beautiful, but that method of use sounds far to fiddly and time-consuming for actual play.



There was a video down at the bottom of the page, but it took some finding. I think there’s a few games where they’d be a fun alternative to dice rolling, but most games I play use multiple dice together, which would be awkward

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Yes, I’m just imagining throwing 3D6 to see if your punch lands, followed by 10D6 for damage :scream:

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One of my team-mates ran the Curse of Strahd D&D campaign for us nerdier footballers in the last half of the year.

During that campaign he let slip that he was pretty deep in the world building for a campaign of his own.

We finished Strahd, or rather were finished by Strahd, a few weeks before Christmas. Everything went rather quiet after that until a few weeks back when someone let slip at training that they were having a d&d session and diving into his new world.

I won’t lie, I was a little hurt not to be invited but I also knew the Cats group was J5’s other d&d group and as such assumed I hadn’t quite made the grade. It was a shame as my other d&d group had one session over the same time period that we played the whole Strahd campaign (it’s pretty much dead in the water but I don’t think anyone has the heart to tell the dm as he invests so much time).

I resigned myself to not be playing anymore and threw myself fully into running the group for the kids at school.

Earlier in the week J5 contacted me to say he wanted me involved, the early sessions were being used to ease a new guy in and now they were established he was ready to run with a larger group.

After reading his 21 page “tourist guide” to the land he had created I was ready to go with a new character idea. It was a bit left-field so had to get his clearance. Thankfully he loved it, so much so that some of my backstory elements have been incorporated into the worlds own backstory. I even got to name a region within one of the kingdoms.

If you can’t tell i’m pretty excited to have been invited in and to be able to play as opposed to run sessions again.



Ya. D&D is as much about the camaraderie as the game. I might start looking for a game sometime soon.



I got back into painting some Star Wars Imperial Assault miniatures. I’m actually playing tomorrow with my buddy and we’ll be using the app (legends of the alliance) for the first time.



The weathering and panel lines on the AT-ST are particularly superb



I appreciate the comment but this was perhaps the easiest miniature I’ve painted. Not much skill involved! Base dark grey then a non diluted dry brush of light grey and a black ink wash that I mopped up after applying. No highlights involved but an effective look for sure. Then just stippled on the weathering.



Hey, sometimes the simplest paint jobs are the most effective!



About five years ago I won a photograph competition that was part of the first GenCan’t non-con.

Last night, finally, the prize (Tragedy Looper) made it to the table.

The game has a Groundhog Day/source code/quantum leap/early edition vibe to it. One group of players takes on the role of the loopers who can travel back in time. They are aware of a number of events which take place and that there is a key person that they need to keep safe. These things may or may not be linked.
The other player takes on the role of the mastermind. They know what is going to happen, which characters have certain roles (key person, killer etc) and what will trigger various events in game. The mastermind wants the events to transpire in a certain way. If it does the loopers lose the loop everything resets (the loopers travel back in time) and they try again but hopefully know with a little bit of knowledge.

The game itself is card based and both the loopers and mastermind play cards which will affect a location or an individual character. The loopers can learn information and gain useful character powers by putting goodwill on characters while the mastermind can ensure events take place and unlock character powers by using intrigue and paranoia on characters and locations.

I played the mastermind and had great fun listening to the looper team trying to figure out events. I know I gave too much away a few times because I couldn’t help but smile at there horrible guesses. The opening scenario is incredibly simplistic and the loopers won with a final time jump to spare.

There are issues with the game, having it ported almost exactly from the Japanese original is certainly the cause of this. In most cases it was little things i.e. the list of characters on the player aid not being alphabetised. One glaring omission from all the aids however was the fact that a character could just have the role of person. This only came to light as the loopers tried to figure out what potential role a final character might have.
Overall it was an interesting and entertaining experience and one that I won’t be waiting so long to replicate.



Sounds a lot like TIME Stories. We got to to play that a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it.



We’re still playing Time Stories intermittently. It’s a really clever system, with the limitation that once you’ve played a scenario you can never play it again (not sure if the game Chris is describing has that problem, sounds like it wouldn’t because there’s an advesarial component that will change things?) so you’re locked into buying expensive new scenarios if you want to keep on playing. Luckily I have a friend who’s rich and has obsessive collector mentality :smiley:

What starts to emerge in Time Stories is that there’s a meta arc crossing all the scenarios, and it’s worked out really cleverly. You can probably ignore it and play the scenarios “straight”, but once you’re aware of it it really colours your perception. In the last one we played, we suddenly realised that we might be supposed to “lose” the game, in order to serve the greater good. It really messes with your head.

Also, I love how Time Stories changes the rules slightly with every new scenario. Not everyone hits the mark, but when they do it’s awesome. In the pirates of the carribean mission, they introduced rules for piracy (duh :smiley: ), which actualy isn’t essential for completing the mission but was so much fun that all we wanted to do was sail around and rob merchant ships, even though it would run the mission clock down and make us lose.

Seriously, I am in awe of how clever the design of Time Stories is.



I can imagine Tragedy Looper probably had some influence in TIME Stories as it pre-dates it by a few years.

The scripted scenarios are pretty much one shot as everything is laid out clearly for you. However you are encouraged to treat the game as a system and to make your own scenarios within the constraints of the ruleset. It even comes with an unused tracker and counters for “anything odd scriptwriters may want to do”.

Some of the expansions for Tragedy Looper have included scripts written by players which caught the eye of the designers/won competitions by the designers.



Back to chess…

Years ago I was playing a friend who told me in the game: Alfred, give me credit. I am not stupid to make that move and walk into your trap!

I never insulted his intelligence again.

For a while I would make the opening moves and not know what to do next. Now I picked up a few middle game tips on studying the opponent’s pawn formation, know what piece is guarding what, and seeing what you can do from there.

Thing is, when an opponent matches me move for move after about a half hour I draw a blank and lose. Now I realize I have to concentrate more and analyze more.

Exciting eh? :smile: I thought so…

I played Arjan a few years ago and won the first game but lost the 2nd one.

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I am in the process of buying myself some birthday presents (long story).

I just ordered Betrayal Legacy the legacy version of betrayal at the house on the hill.

However I am also eyeing up a GMT game called Skirs Above the Reich. It is solo campaign war game. As it is GMT I know it will be bits heavy. The only thing stopping me at the moment is the cost. The game, like many by GMT, had a limited print run so is hard to find. Best price I have found so far, and in stock, is £78. It is a lot more than I would usually spend but the more I read about the game the more I feel I’d enjoy it!



I had a great evening of board gaming and boozing with good friends this evening.

We played a mixed bag of games from the brand spanking new Res Arcana, via Ancient Terrible Things to Ra and finally the now elder statesman of Can’t Stop…

Hmm this didn’t post, how strange!

Just played a quick game of Baobab with the boys. An ingenious dexterity style game which uses the tin as part of the game board. You are adding leaves to the tree (represented by the tin) the image on the card determines how it is placed i.e. the bat card must be dropped onto the tree while your eyes are closed.

All round a simple but great game.



Chinese Govt. Burns Call of Cthulhu Supplement

For many years, various publishers in the Americas and Europe have had their books printed in China as a cost-saving measure (including many in the RPG field). Often the primary downside of this has simply been the time taken for the books to arrive, but it appears there can also be another problem, as the publishers of The Sassoon Files (a Cthulhu-based RPG supplement) have announced that all print copies of their book have been destroyed by the Chinese Government – for unspecified reasons.

The Sassoon Files is a collection of Cthulhu Mythos scenarios and campaign resources set in 1920s Shanghai (for both Call of Cthulhu and Gumshoe systems) and was Kickstarted back in September 2018, raising some $24,000 USD from more than 500 backers. The volume was due to ship from the printers very shortly. As a result of this recent turn of events, the publishers, Sons of the Singularity, have released a video statement.

If there were any silver lining to this unfortunate state of affairs it would be the notoriety this book will now receive as a result.

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The headline ought to read:

“Chinese Govt. rightly understands there are Some Things Man Was Not Meant To Know”



So this was the work of the Chinese section of the BPRD?

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Can you really ever burn this?