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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


I’m sure that when I played Battletech it had counters, not miniatures.

But that was a long time ago.

Possibly 35 years ago :wink:


The first edition BattleDroids set had miniatures.

(and these new sets have counters as well as minis)


What’s the difference between these BT board games and the tabletop miniatures game? I’m always tempted to get into Battletech (or at least get some miniatures), but every time I look into it I get utterly confused. Like, would these board games use the Alpha Strike plastic miniatures (that all seem to be out of stock)?


BattleTech’s core game is based around the rules in the box set, regardless of whether you use map sheets or scale terrain. We usually use minis instead of tokens or standees while playing on maps. (and sometimes we use 3D hexed terrain or regular gaming table terrain), and many of the Alpha Strike branded minis were originally released in the prior edition of the BattleTech core box. The new box even includes Alpha Strike stat cards for the minis in the box.

The box is a good place to start, and if you like it move on to The BattleMech Manual (advanced combat just using mechs) or Total Warfare (Tournament-level rules, includes infantry, vehicles, air and spacecraft)

Alpha Strike is a cut-down set of rules designed for faster play at the same physical sale as BattleTech, and primarily played on miniature terrain, though the rulebook does have a section on converting to play on BattleTech maps instead. There’s a new edition of the rulebook due out later this year which combines the core rules and the companion book.


So, we played Nemesis today.

I was the Scout and here were my objectives (you have to pick one of the two cards)

Whilst others were off working as a team, I pretended I was going to check the ships engines. What I actually did was get to the generator room and trigger the self destruct! Just then the Alien Queen showed up on the other side of the board.

I then pulled a full on Burke from Aliens. I prepped an escape pod, closed the door behind me (just as the other players were rushing towards me escaping the Queen) and got ready to abandon ship. I then rolled the noise dice and a god damn face hugger popped up behind me and I got contaminated!

I retreated and got ambushed by 3 aliens and got mashed up. One of my buddy’s escaped in a pod but his objective was to survive with at least one other player. Just then a fire broke out and the main ship exploded! No one won


That’s an impressive looking board.

Seems like a very hectic game.


That you with the finger Bobby?


Nah, that’s big Sam who also goes by the unflattering nickname, ‘pissface’.


Has anyone hear played Scythe and if so is it any good? Thinking about making it my next purchase.


A friend of mine has it, and many of the expansions but we have never been able to organise a game.
I have heard good things however.


I played it a couple of times. I think it’s cool. only played 1 on 1 though.

Personally, I found Lords of Hellas more fun, since it had more options through the game vs Scythe.

But if you like territory control type games, it’ll hit that spot perfectly for you.


I just backed these on KS

I’m a sucker for unusual alternatives to dice.


They look nice, but how do you use them?


The bottom side tapers to a point, and you spin it like a top. You press down with your finger to stop it, and the result is the number to the left of your finger.


I actually cancelled my pledge. I missed that the EU shipping was $23. That is $2 more than pledge I had made.


Ah! I thought they were just flat coins.


I’m a sucker for games with great minis so thinking about pledging for this:

Also might pledge on these:

I missed this next one but it is on general sale next month. Looks balls-out crazy.


UBoot looks amazing. I would have backed it but my iPad had recently packed in. I m sure there were other options but it was enough to turn me away from it. I saw it being played at the UKGE and was tempted again.

The next game from that publisher is Chris Marling & David Thompson’s next title Europe Divided and it is looking gorgeous.


Nemesis, how much did you pay for it?

I couldn’t find it on Amazon, so did a quick search and Yikes!
Saw something for $499.99 U.S. (going to be like $650 Canadian).

Or do I need to do a better search?
If you and others on this board convince me I could go for it, but need to cut that price in half.


It’s my buddy’s game and he paid £70.

Actually what I’m noticing is that with these big high profile games, especially the kickstarter exclusive ones, they hold their value really well or even increase so I’m going to start taking a punt on quite a few more.

Anyway, back to your quandary, I found this one on ebay.

Mark up it still massive compared to original price but I don’t think it will come down unless you’re happy with a pre owned copy.