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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


We played the Battlestar Galactica board game, and lost pathetically to the Cylons (you play co-operatively as Humans to beat the Cylons who are “played” randomly by the system). We were right on the knife-edge of victory, and I was sure we could do it, until one bad card used up the last of our fuel (which is one of the many ways the Human fleet can lose).

I really enjoyed the game. There’s a lot of randomness, but you can off-set a lot of that by careful actions, so everything seems pretty well balanced – as I said, we came very close to winning, and I’m sure that with a bit more experience we would win fairly regularly. I can already see several points where we messed up and would do things differently next time.


I’ve only played it once and it was with the expansion which adds an airlock which you can eject people from. Despite the role I had this instantly became by only goal in the game.


The last time we played, Mark and one or two others were convinced I was a cylon and brigged me after our first or second jump. I spend the rest of the game trying to get out, and they played a ton of cards to keep me in, so they didn’t always have enough cards to deal with crises.

Of course, I wasn’t a cylon when they brigged me, but I did become one after the halfway jump…


Chess :chess_pawn:

Carlson and Caruana played 12 games and all were draws. How exciting.


We made a valid assesment of the situation.
I stand by my choices.


I’ve been thinking about the modern trend to self-limiting games. Games where you have to physically destroy or change components to ensure you can never play it again. My friend plays something called Sea Fall, and when he describes the play it sounds very interesting, but he’s just said “We’ve finished it”, and he means, literally, finished, unable to play it any more. The game had an inbuilt point at which you stop, and you might as well throw the game in the trash at that point (you can’t even sell it or give it away; it’s literally unplayable now).

This is obviously an awesome idea for the designers who want you to buy their next game, but how do players feel about it? When you find a good game, don’t you want to keep playing it forever?

To be honest, I don’t get enough time for gaming these days, and if I bought a new game I would realistically only play it a handful of times, so shouldn’t really care if it’s unplayable after that time. But it still feels wrong. In the past, I’ve played favourite games for thousands (I’m not exaggerating) of hours. And even when I haven’t had time to do that, there’s always the knowledge that if we ever have a free afternoon we can drag any of them out and play them as if it were our first time.

I suspect people are primed to accept self-limiting games because of exposure to computer games, where there is a pre-set number of tasks and you expect to stop playing once they’re all done. But aren’t computer games moving to open-ended worlds now where you can keep playing forever? So ironically moving in the opposite direction to board games…


They worked out real well for you, didn’t they?


I can’t speak to sea fall. But this isn’t the case for any of the legacy games, or the other games I’ve played with items that are physically limited in use. The legacy games explicitly state that the end board is replayable, just it can’t be altered any further


Interesting. I may have misunderstood about Sea Fall, but for a game where you’re supposed to discover new islands it’s now got a board covered in island stickers which to me looks like it’s finished. Maybe you can continue playing a new form of the game from this point on, but my friend doesn’t seem to think so.

I’m occasionally playing a game called Time Stories, which is basically a choose-your-own-adventure book presented as a deck of cards. After a few hours’ play, you’ve solved the mystery and though you could
re-play it, I don’t think it would be as much fun (we tried it once to walk a new player through the game, and it all felt a bit pointless). Instead you have to spend £20 on a new deck of cards. And yes it’s a really enjoyable game, but £20 is a lot of money for a thing you can only play once.


Although you’d pay more than that for two tickets to a movie, or a gig, or the theatre…


…. or 2 hours of reading comics :laughing:


Only if you got them in Comixology sales.


he way we looked at it for Risk Legacy and Pandemic Legacy is that Risk has at least 15 unique playthroughs, and Pandemic at least 12. And given how many games we play and how infrequently we get together that’s a couple of years worth of playing those two games.

I’ve only played TIME stories the once, and I enjoyed it well enough. Though I think the adventure packs are cheaper than £20 over here…



For us Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 has already gone over the minimum number of games.

I was tempted to get Seafall recently as it was down to £15. But even that wasn’t quite enough to overlook the bad reviews.

I am hoping to buy Betrayal at the house on the hill legacy. Everything I have read about that says it will be a playable game at the end. Each haunt is a different time period. the legacy element is added cards no boxes, the player characters at each haunt are the next generation of the family. If it does what it says on the tin it will replace Betrayal core for me.



Most satisfactory end to my WWII RPG yesterday. For weeks I’ve been telling the players that we need to stop doing WWII and move on to the next game, but they’re all having too much fun fighting Nazis. So I said the last game of the year (yesterday) would be the end, come what may. And I had a plan to ensure they couldn’t talk me out of it. I contrived to pace the campaign so the game calendar reached 24th August 1940 (the first bombing of London), then let them track a Nazi spy to just the right part of London, and as soon as they had defeated him…

…dropped on bomb on the house they were in.

Yesssssss! All dead! Told you this was the last one. Try talking me into continuing it now, suckers.

(Not all dead, of course, it’s just an end-of-season cliffhanger. But you should have seen the looks on their faces :laughing: )


This is exactly why the real WWII went on for so long.



Doing X-mas with a friend right now.
One gift is Axis & Allies Zombies.
WTF?! Looks interesting.

My plan is to quit smoking (Jan. 6th) and to achieve that quit drinking (minimum 2 months).
Getting back to game playing Saturday nights can keep things social, and on track.