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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


I feel like I should take photos of my BattleTech books and miniatures now. Just to make you feel better


Warhammer 40K has probably gotten the most from me, but that’s partially due to availability of players and games in the area.


My most cost-effective game purchase was Golden Heroes, bought in a Games Workshop sale for £1.99 and used for more than 300 weekly playing sessions. That’s like… 0.16p per hour of play (even better than that, if you count my prep time as “play”).


That certainly is good value.

I had a game of Thunder Alley last night, only my second since I got a copy at UKGE.

It was a three player affair which means we ran teams of 5 cars. Myself and one of the two other players had played before and it was pretty obvious from within the first two turns.

The game is basically a simulation of NASCAR racing and unlike other racing board games staying with the pack is really important. The majority of the movement options you have also effect the cars around you (pulling and pushing them along).

About midway through the game there was a yellow flag caution which was fortunate for the newbie player as three of his cars were on the cusp of being lapped and being removed from the game. After the restart the pack stayed much more bunched.

This was the main pack as they entered the final turn on the last lap.

I am yellow and as you can see I’m well positioned for pushing and towing the whole pack through to the end.

While green secured first place, all my cars but one finished high in the top ten giving me a total of 193 points and the victory.


Some GKR action tonight.


I managed to pull victory from the jaws of defeat. I managed to down both opponents GKRs in what was to be the last round. If I hadn’t and the round had ended as normal I would have lost as it would have gone to points.


We played our first game of Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 since July. It didn’t go well, we got to open the “you suck”* package.

*Not the official name, but you get the idea.


@Jim, @Mark_Millar, the Kick-Ass board game has shown up in my LGS. Retailing at €63, which seems decent for the contents of the box.


I got a copy a few weeks ago, Mark hasn’t got his yet. The game seems to have got good reviews in the most part, very high maintenance though. It’ll take me forever before I have a chance to play it. They did a nice job with the components as I’d expected with CMON.


Currently in the middle of a D&D session over Skype.

This is our battle map so we can keep track of the action.

The red square is where I threw a vial of alchemists fire at the attacking werewolves. I missed my target but the resulting blast killed half the attackers.
It turned what was a definite death fight into a possible winning fight.


Advice needed. Me and some friends set out to make an original board game using our own characters a while ago and whilst we made some progress, we never got past the design stage, nothing tangible was ever produced. That project has been scrapped but we are keen to try again and this time we want to use an existing ip.

I’m a bit naive but how do we go about finding out if we can get a licence to make the desired game. Recently there have been lots of licenced games popping up, Ghostbusters, Turtles, Batman etc but I have no idea how the companies that made the games got the licences from the ip owners.

For full disclosure, we looking at making a G.I. Joe game so I guess that means we need Hasbro’s consent?


For personal use you should be fine without getting permission. If you’re going to distribute it online for free you’re on shakey ground but probably OK just doing it, for commercial release you’d need to talk to Hasbro, but if they were going to do a GI Joe game they’d probably do it through their own boardgames division, or Wizards of the Coast. (or IDW, given their close relationship and IDW doing a lot of licensed board games)

So you might be better off approaching them with the game idea.


I’ve just remembered a board game I had as a kid but can’t actually remember it’s name. It was a fantasy setting with players working towards one of a few portals which were cut into the board while being pursued by a black knight character. Once characters got the portal the board folded out and any players not on the hole got knocked off the board and knocked out of the game. This ring any bells with anyone? I’m pretty sure I’ve not made it up!








It doesn’t ring any bells, but that’s a fantastic gimmick!


I did a bit of googling and found it, it was called Key to the Kingdom.

A bit of a write up about it here:

And I found the TV advert for it too.


The chess World Championship between Carlsen and challenger Caruana has been OK. Mostly draws and somewhat conservative styles of play. Fans want more flair and panache but the two are playing to win not necessarily to please the fans.

At this level it is a matter of who outpositions who and outmaneuvers the opponent.

Exciting eh? :smile:


It’s so exciting that I can’t bring myself to watch, too big a risk for my heart.

We played, and lost, two games of Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 yesterday. That brings us to a grand total of six losses in a row. However the final game played felt like a victory as we started making clearer progress towards the objectives and unlocked some potentially useful new mechanics.
We all feel that somehow this game is a far harder beast than the previous title. This may be due to over-analysis from us as a group and a tendency to try and preplan instead of just going for it.
After a almost coming to blows between two members of the group I did insist we reinstated the “play selfish” rule we had used in season 1 to try and mitigate any alpha gamer nonsense.

I’ve also played a few games of Fantasy Flighs procedurally generated co-op game Discover. Each copy of the game differs, from the available characters, items, creatures, map tiles and even the story itself.
It is an interesting concept and the game is pretty solid but it can feel a little wonky at times. The first scenario we played took us around 2 hours to play through and was a pretty tense affair. The second, an apparently harder situation, took just over half an hour and at no point did we feel in jeopardy (in fact I don’t think anyone took any damage).