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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


I’ve played Battlestar a couple of times and enjoyed it both times for different reasons. The first time I played was with a group of strangers at a convention and they all knew how to game the system. I was quickly found out in the second round as a cylon. However, another person convinced the others that he was human until just before he set a series of events into play that destroyed the ship. The second game was with friends and it is always entertaining to see how sneaky your friends can be.

I’ll have to look up Dead of Winter.


I bought myself a copy of Looney Labs Chrononauts yesterday and had a quick game of it last night. It is a great little card game about time travel.

I immediately thought that it needs a tie in version for Millar’s Chrononauts! There is already a back to the future reimplementation available, creatively called Back to the Future: The Card Game.
It would be cool to see a version with this image on the cover

Well at least I think so…


Chrononauts is a great game. There’s an expansion pack for “Early American” history (Americans think history started in 1770, bless them) if you want a more complex game. Sadly not one for early English history as far as I know.


I’m already tempted to get “The Gore Years” expansion which adds the noughties to the grid as well as new ID’s and missions.


Thinking about getting one of the following. Anyone have any opinions on these?

Galaxy Trucker
Dungeon Petz (I have Dungeon Lords and love it)
7 Wonders (Played it once and thought it was so-so but willing to give it another go)


I really enjoyed Galaxy Trucker when I played it recently. The only real issue was the owner had only just got the game and it was the big box edition with all the expansions. He insisted on playing with the expansions but had trouble explaining all the basic rules clearly let alone the new rules.

The digital version of Galaxy Trucker does a good job of teaching the basic game.

I have yet to play the other two mentioned but hear about 7 wonders a lot.


Played Love letter on Wednesday with a few of the lads. Odd card game. But I can see how it could be fun.

Also got two games of Risk Legacy down.
Poor Conor was assaulted by two factions giving the Mutants an advantage to win the game. Lorcan did get to add a power to a faction card.

The second game was far more of a stand off and build up game. With boarders being set on most of the Continents. I had North american and Promised Europe I would not invade Via Greenland/ Ireland.
Then Alaska was attacked by the Player from the Asian Territories.
After Pushing him for his arrogance. And making him a Bitch State. I went on to Conquer Europe Via the Russian Front. And with that move it left me in position to win the game. Which one of the other players pointed out just as I was about to end my Turn.

So I Thanked him and took his Capital.

We then played Shadowrun Crossfire.
After two very easy games. It turns out we’ve been doing the XP System to it slightly Wrong.
So we don’t have any most of the abilities we had gained in playing.
I love to hate this game so very much.


The mutants didn’t win the first game of risk legacy, Die Mechaniker did!


Yes. Yes you did. How did I forget your first Victory in the Campaign.
Oh that’s right you Stole Victory from Pete who was menacing Conor.


Pete was nowhere near victory! He only had one point!


How is Shadowrun Crossfire? I have been looking to add a card based rpg game to my collection and have both this and The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game on my radar.


It’s mean.
And gets Meaner every time we play.

Well worth picking up.

The team work aspect is great. The scenarios are a whole lotta fun too.


Like Mark, I really enjoy it. It’s got a great teamplay dynamic, and works quite hard to prevent an expierenced or powerful player from dominating newer or less powerful ones. The Crossfire deck mechanism is a really good way to escalate tension as well. I’m really looking forward to the first full expansion for the game,

I’d make a couple of recommendations: Download the additional missions from the game’s website. Ambulators is a slightly easier version of the basic Crossifre scenario (you face two waves of enemies instead of three), close the portal is a fun mission that’s not too difficult (we beat it twice on Wednesday with four runners, each of whom had one upgrade), and Enter the Ork Underground is a more difficult one that we’re not powerful enough to play yet.

Also, get the character pack. You only get 10 character sheets in the basic game - 2 each of human, elf, ork, troll and dwarf, so if you have more players, want to have more than 2 of any race on your team or want to try different ones out, this pack has like 5 of each (all with different art), and a second set of upgrade stickers, and 4 new versions of the basic damage card with different art, which is nice to have. There’s an upgrade pack on the way with pre-generated prime runners as well.


I guess chess counts as a board game. I was really into it, but ever since a girl I knew told me it was just a game, I stopped being so intense about it. I used to get into all the opening formations The Ruy Lopez, the Sicilian, the Queens Indian and I even played Arjan here on Facebook, but now, I stopped.

Anyone here remember the Dark Tower game? That was fun.

Anyone here play dominoes?


I got to try the Babel expansion for 7 Wonders which really does change things, but once again benefits the more players you have playing.

Enjoyed Splendor, which was sold to me by friends as being like Ticket to Ride, but I find the plan for the future a little more random in Splendor, which I liked.

Love Letter basic is fun. I’ve yet to be impressed by any of the variants of it.


Thank goodness she never met Garry Kasparov.


I play Dominoes in work all the time.
Generally for a Euro a game. Fun game that can really fuck up a Tuesday Afternoon.


Just started painting the minis from Mice & Mystics. I was supposed to paint the whole lot over the six week summer break but didn’t end up with the chance. I am running a miniatures painting group at school which has kick started the process for me.

These are the cockroaches, just debating whether to go back and use a wash to add extra definition to the dark areas.

You can’t see the dry brushing very well in this picture. will try and get a more high quality image later.


Got one rat finished and another nearing completion. Still using various iDevices to take the pictures unfortunately.


I have seen some really fancy chess sets, even sets made by DC and Marvel. Thing is, the sets are nice but if you can’t play chess, what is the point of buying such an expensive set?