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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


It’s funny, I always labelled myself as antisocial and nobody ever disagreed. I never went to parties or discos or school dances, never hung around on street corners with all the cool kids or went to sports events or joined in any of the other activities that kids socialised at.

I just spent 20 hours a week engaging in one of the most intensely interactive interpersonal shared experiences anybody has ever invented :smiley:


It’s a spectrum. :wink:

I honestly don’t care for social situations where there are a lot of people. Thank God for beer tents at comic conventions.

I do however enjoy spending time with small groups of friends.


Spending so much time doing that I’m amazed you managed to fit in any D&D at all.


@RonnieM, You couldn’t handle me as a DM. Mostly because I’m a shite DM who’s still learning.


Which would make it even more fun to toy with you. :wink:


My game designer buddy Chris was round yesterday and we played a few games.

The first was a wonderful little card game named Plato3000. It is a set collection card game prefaced with the idea of rebuilding society as laid out in Plato’s Republic. Each card represents a different job in the perfect society and has a score value. If you play two or more of the cards you get to take advantage of special powers. Each card has a futuristic steampunk illustration. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

We then played the dice fishing game I had picked up at UKGE and Chris was impressed enough to order a copy for himself.

Finally we rounded out the evening with a game of Sid Sackson’s classic Acquire.


You think Nikki doesn’t already do that?


My boss at work is a big gamer and we are going to Draughts board game cafe in Hackney next week for a session. I’m looking for good 2 player games. Here’s what I’m considering. Neither of us have played any of the following. Thoughts?

Dead of Winter
Neuroshima Hex
Le Harve
A feast for Odin
Lewis and Clark

He wants a Zombie game which is why DoW is in the list but not sure how well it plays with two (I hear there is a variant for 2 players)


Thunderbirds is awesome.

That’s all I can contribute :slight_smile:


Dead of Winter can work with two but is better with a group.

Jaipur is a really good two player game.

I’m not sure how Keyflowwr would work with two as some of the bidding would go out the window.

Le Harve, Thunderbirds and A Feast for Odin I haven’t played.

I would add Patchwork, or Cottage Garden/Indian Summer to the list of decent two player games.

I’d be tempted to say that Zombies! would be a better choice over Dead of Winter as it certainly plays well with two and isn’t that complicated.


I’ve played both of these and would recommend them both as good two payer games. Patchwork initially looks like there’s not much too it but after a couple of games you realise there’s a wee bit more strategy to it than you might think.


Logan has expressed an interest in playing Heroclix. After I got everything out and went through it I found I have lost all the character cards.

So I spent this afternoon doing an inventory of all the characters so that I can then find the necessary cards from the wizkids print and play section.

You don’t actually need them to play the game but there are the odd powers and rules that only appear on the flavour text.

All in all I have nearly two hundred unique characters plus around twenty repeats.


Any word on when this will be available?


Don’t know for sure yet. Maybe a few more weeks. I’ll start a thread to let everyone know.


Love these D&D videos with Joe Manganiello.


Aoife wants to know why I can’t play my nerd games with people like him?
Instead of my regular hairy smelly crew.

Told her. I’m just lucky that way.


I’ve grown interested in these epic sized tabletop games like KINGDOM DEATH MONSTER and GLOOMHAVEN that combine elements of AD&D rpg with Magick style cards and tabletop strategy like Warhammer. However, the price and time to play is a challenge as well as finding room to play the games as well. Also, replay attraction seems like it would be limited, but just the fact that the games exist implies they must have a devoted following.


I’ve not played Kingdom Death or Gloomhaven, but Risk Legacy is designed to give 15 unique games, and Pandemic Legacy 12-24 depending on how good you are. Which is pretty decent value for a standard priced board game.

Of course, Kingdom Death and Gloomhaven are far more expensive, but they do seem to ramp up the replay value accordingly. Kingdom Death is pretty much guaranteed to not give the same campaign experience twice just by the sheer volume of randomness in encounters, the loot drops, events that can happen to your community and the volume of crafting options.


Friend of a friend has spent thousands of pounds on Kingdom Death.

They play it at least once a week however so it seems like a fair investment.

The new Betrayal at the House on the Hill legacy game seems like a good mix of legacy and replayability.



Wow. I probably spent a couple of hundred on Star Fleet Battles over the years, and I thought that was a bit extravagant.