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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


Got a board gaming session at my buddies tomorrow. There will be four of us and we’re gaming 9am-8pm. Here’s what’s I’m taking.


I am working on my middle game in chess…

I never analyzed and developed a strategy before. It all varies from game to game and even from move to move


Logan was inspired by one of the games I got at the expo, Dice Fishing, and made his own card.

It is an Angler Fish, worth five points, that you must roll an eleven, one, four and three to catch. In his defence the game does have a d20 so the eleven is plausible.


Is it weird responding to something posted three years ago?! :grin:

We just bought this and played a game tonight. It’s great fun - felt a bit like Civilisation but without the fighting. Already looking forward to trying some of the expansions.


Carcassone is great. We have the South Seas version which is a nice adaptation of the base game.
I haven’t played with many of the expansions but of the ones I have The River is my favourite.


The River was included with the version I bought. Looks like a neat way to give the starting world some shape.


That reminds me to try to start playing it again. Along with Dominion, which has been great fun.


I finally played my own copy of Terraforming Mars last night. It is my most played game of the year but until two weeks ago, when I bought it myself, I was always borrowing a copy from a friend.


I don’t think I’ve ever used my own copy of Settlers of Catan, and I’ve owned it for more than 10 years



That is a really good video. It does a good job of removing some of the negative stereotype barriers that I feel stop people trying it out.


That looks very well made! I really enjoy a lot of the Star WArs offshoot stories too. Like the one with The Imperial Agent who slowly turns to the Alliance. I forget her name. It’s badass. It’s generational and it buts up against the new movies of Force Awakens in its scope. It begins just as the Endor deathstar explodes and we follow the life of the remaining imperials as they struggle to keep what is left of Palpatine’s empire together. Fascinating stuff.


Board game collection continues to grow and got a preowned copy of Forbidden Island. Only had a chance to play one game as built-in got in the way of leisure this weekend but it was a fun game, easy to play and some interesting mechanics. Looking forward to giving it another whirl.


This came in the mail this week. I haven’t started looking for a group to play with yet but thought I would read a bit. These are the times I wish @ender0284 lived closer.


I’d play too…

We could always get a Skype group together… time zones might be an issue however!


This may be relevant to your interests:

James Bond: movies, books and comics news

40-ish years ago, there was a brief fad for CB radios in the UK, and a couple of my friends used theirs to play D&D. Dice rolls had to be taken on faith, but other than that it seemed to work pretty well. In the end though it was just a gimmick and didn’t last long – they lived close enough to walk round to each others’ houses anyway :smiley:


Were they just antisocial?


Did you miss the bit where I said they were D&D players? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


But isn’t D&D meant to be that one element of socialization for those people?