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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


Those are the cardboard buildings. Jonathan, the owner, has got plastic buildings and he is talking about painting them. I was tempted to offer to paint some of the commander figures.

He has a whole second box of bits he hasn’t even broken out yet which were part of his KS backer level. It does include sentry turrets that can be added to the top of the buildings.


I meant the little ones surrounded by rubble like in the centre of this photo:


Yeah, they need a lick of paint. They are the bases of the buildings but also double as rubble once a building is destroyed.


That’s a very nice touch. I need to make rubble markers for our DropZone Commander and BattleTech games actually.


Yes you do. Meanwhile i just need ro get back to the table for fighty fun.
Its been too long. But i have at least assmwbled and base coated the Ttcombat bits i got. That’s productive! Right?


Very nice pictures…

Now, for one of the original board games … Wait for it… Chess.

I had some problems in my game. I relied too much on memorizing the set openings like the French, the Sicilian, Ruy Lopez, etc. These opening moves have been analyzed and mapped out for decades, but they work if your opponent does the corresponding move. If the opponent deviates and does a different move, I have a tough time adjusting as I rely too much on the set opening formation.

So that is my flaw… Exciting, eh? :smile:


But that’s not playing the game Al. That’s merely moving pieces. And an important piont is


The goal of the game is to outthink the opposition.


Or do what Derren Brown did. Although he really was just moving the pieces.


I always liked that trick for its simplicity.


Absolutely right.

My weakness is getting my own formation right than paying attention to the actual moves on the board.

Have to make adjustments.