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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


If they’d sold it as the Hulk overheating like a mech, I’d have bought it.


We had loads of fun with Heroclix!


Well he did get stronger the more Damage he took.


I know someone who collected dozens of Heroclix over many months and didn’t know it was a game until one day a sheet of rules fell out of one of the boxes…


What did they think all the numbers on the (rotating!) bases were for?


God knows :smiley: . He’s never been a gamer of any description, as far as I know, so the idea that you might be able to something with little figures other than just display them would have been completely foreign to him.


I once built a 100 ton melee mech with jump jets. All of its weight was in armor and heat sinks. :wink:


Why no Guns?


They took up weight and heat. :wink:

It might have had a couple small ones.


Back in the realms of “Kickstarter exclusive tabletop games”.

It’s quite tempting, but again, the idea that you can only get it by laying down hundreds of dollars on an unreviewed board game (designed by a Youtuber who’s never made a game before!) is ridiculous. You also only get the stretch goal extras if you pledge for the main game and an expansion set, which seems a bit of a con.

And I’ve bought enough Heroclix miniatures over the years to be reasonably certain that there’s no way the pre-painted miniatures will turn out that well.


There was a conversation recently on the BattleTech forum about charging enemies with your mechs, and how to do the best damage output. A bunch of people were championing a few ultra-light mechs with insanely high ground speeds - there’s a 15 ton drone mech that can run 38 hexes per turn, but because it’s so light it can only do a maximum 76 damage in a full charge - which requires it to be 38 hexes away from its target in a straight line. I pointed out the venerable (and awful) Dasher II. It’s a little over half the top speed of that Celerity, but it’s 40 tons, so a 20-hex charge from it will do 80 damage


Talking of stompy robots I got to have a little play at GKR yesterday.

It’s an incredibly prettty game in two very large boxes. The gameplay is pretty fluid with some nice damage via hand management.

In the version I was playing the biggest of the big stompy robots were pre-painted, while the smaller ones were just coloured plastic matching the team colour. It also comes with some very nice cardboard scenery (and hard plastic versions but they need a little paint).


more pics please. Have just read a Battlereport of a Battletech game using the GKR board as a central city of his table. And its very pretty terrain.

But Mechs, The using of Hexes and some solid buildings are always worth a look IMO.
The little dudes may have swung me. But just a little too unusable for btech purposes.


Finished up some more imperial assault figures this week.


I’m hopefully going to get another, and full, play of the game soon. Will get a few more snaps in that game.


I just saw this is coming out August 2018.


The figures look bad ass! I’m having a family reunion in September, just in time. :sunglasses: :+1:


The game design has been going for a couple of years. We designed some great minis, over 100 I think and I’m not quite sure what’s in the first box. It’s great that it’s finally coming, can’t wait to hold a physical copy.


Production looks great…If only I liked Kick Ass :slightly_frowning_face:


More GKR pictures as requested.


Those are pretty. The urge to weather and varnish the big guys and paint the smaller ones and the buildings is strong