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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


This bad boy just arrived for imperial assault. Haven’t told my buddy that I game with and looking forward to his expression when I womp it on the table.


nasty Damage output. And a hell of a mobile weapons platform!


You should know. How is the Zombie killing going these days. It would be nice to hear any new exploits of MW’s premier zombie hunter.


There’s good days and great Days.

I’m not allowed the Big gun anymore. Apparently it dosnt have a close combat option no matter how often i proved it did.


You look like you’d be the guy in an Aliens movie that’s constantly making jokes who then dies horribly just when it looks like the team is going to be rescued.


Game over, man; game over!


Won some good money during the Cheltenham racing last week so splashed out. Just arrived on a day I’m ‘supposed to be working from home’. Paints out!


Painted this dude today


Tempted by this one. Not due until April next year but as it’s KS exclusive, I imagine it will hold it’s value for resale.


I backed this one, all-in. I’ve known it was coming for awhile and about what the price point would be so I saved up for it.


I thought about getting the core set plus wayne manor and the versus for $220.


That looks fun. But the Kickstarter exclusivity of the whole thing is ridiculous (even before you get to the price).



I’m not even going to click the link now.


For $220 you could buy a boatload of Heroclicks and have them next week rather than a year from now. I don’t blame Monolith for cashing in on the Kickstarter crowd, but this feels like taking advantage. Which is why it feels like the campaign stalled fairly early on.


Is 2.4 mil stalling? Big box board games all seem to be around the £75-£100 mark nowadays. Dark Soul is £80, Twilight Imperium is close to £100. The core Batman game is £99 with 150+ minis that look excellent. At less than £1 a mini that looks like a great deal. The paying up front and having to wait a year is certainly not great though. I play Star Wars Imperial assault and single mini are between £7-£10 each.


Yes, but do you really want to play Heroclix?


I had about 200 heroclix at one point and had only ever played about 3 games. It was all about the collecting for me. I then played more and realised it was pretty crap so sold them all.


Same (well, not on the same scale). I never understood that you could only use each piece every other turn or they incurred damage.


The BattleTech version’s heat mechanism at least made sense in that regard.


You don’t have to play by their rules you know. It’s just a nice way to get a load of mini’s to play with. Which is what I expect the the core appeal of this game.

$1.5 mil in the first hour and a total under $4 mil feels like it lost steam pretty quickly. The previous Monolith games had a better growth track.

I wonder if they’re going to dump a bunch of mini’s in the last couple of days to up the numbers.