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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


You’re OK until you’re custom-building Nebulon-B frigates in X-wing scale because the 6 Corellian Corvettes you bought need a flagship.


Thankfully I don’t have the time, or skill, for that.


X-Wing Battle Report - The Force is……not so Strong in this one

Another day, another round of Sam v Chief X-Wing contests. We’d both be using old teams and quickly set-up for the first titanic struggle of the day.

Chief – Imperials 99pts – Rhymer Reason

Tie Bomber – Major Rhymer (26) Push the Limit (3) Advanced Proton Torpedoes (6) Cluster Missiles (4) Seismic Charge (2) Munitions Failsafe (1)

Tie Fighter - Howlrunner (18) Swarm Tactics (2)

Tie Fighter - Academy Pilot (12)

Tie Fighter - Academy Pilot (12)

Tie Fighter - Academy Pilot (12)

Sam – Rebels 100pts – 4, 3 Dice Ships, I’ve got 2 have 1

B-Wing – Keyan Farlander (29) Squad Leader (2) Experimental Interface (3)

HWK-290 - Rebel Operative (16) Blaster Turret (4)

X-Wing – Hobbie Klivian (25)

X-Wing – Rookie Pilot (21)

Sam positioned his forces down the right hand side of the asteroid field and I did likewise with four of my guys in a 2x2 formation and a rogue operative out wide on the other side. He would hopefully serve as a distraction and make Sam splinter his squad.


Go, Major, go!


Both teams rushed in to face each other and shots were fired. 2 hits on Hobbie and 2 on the Major.


Now we’re balls deep in combat and someone is surely going to be six feet under after this exchange.


There was a big back and forth and Major Rhymer launched his cluster missiles at the B-Wing and did a combined 3 damage. Not too bad but not great. I wanted to fire the advanced proton torpedoes but without a focus token the odds would not have been on my side. Unfortunately Sam concentrated fire on the Major and with only 4 hull points left, he crumbled under the stream of laser fire.


As my squad broke up, Howlrunner found herself in real bad spot as the rebels focused all but one of their guns on her. A nifty barrel roll halved the potential damage but she still got blown to smithereens. Doh!


With my best two ships downs and just three academy ties left I was up against it. With low pilot skills, the HWK used it’s blaster turret to kill one Tie and the Rookie Pilot finished the other before I could shoot back.


The writing was on the wall long ago but I said I’d continue until I killed at least one of his ships. That never occurred as my last Tie meekly submitted to Rebel scum dominance. Look at this prick.



  • Don’t overload a small ship with not many hit points. You can do it on stuff like The Lamda Shuttle or Falcon but the one I did here just makes him a massive target. Sure I could have flown him at the back of the squad but I was in a rush to get off his torps.

  • Speaking of torpedoes, they’re really expensive for what they are. Yes they do work better on ships with low standard attack values but they cost a lot of points and are generally one use items. Factor in needing a target lock and then a focus and your plans can easily go awry.

  • Formation flying is hard. That’s it.


Wonder if anyone can help me out with recommendations. Basically the wife and I are fed up watching shite telly in the evenings and are looking for good two player games which require minimal/no set up and fairly quick turn over in games (like half an hour to an hour play time). Something small too - our kitchen table can handle a Scrabble or Monopoly board with all the associated gubbings but not much else.


Love Letter, Patchwork, Guillotine, possibly Ticket to Ride but that has a larger footprint.
Fluxx is a good card game with lots of various IP editions but can get a bit repetitive.


Neuroshima Hex has been on my ‘to get’ list for ages and I hear it plays best with 2 players.

Also, have a look here


I did a wee online search before asking here and a couple of the games here came up in that. I’d already added Jaipur and Hive to my wishlist. I’ll have a look at the others here and your and @Chris’s recommendations too.


I can also recommend both Hive and Jaipur.


Have a look here as well. I quite like the Dice Tower guys.


This seems the only answer we should give you.


How’d those games go @Bruce?

I’m off out in a few minutes to start Pandemic Legacy: Season 2.


I’ve added them to my Xmas list (my mum wanted a couple ideas). Wouldn’t have had much of a chance to play as the wife is pretty busy with work and her masters degree at the minute.


I’d say good Luck. ** But we all know luck has anything to do with it.**


Speaking of legacy games, Hasbro has announced they’re doing a legacy version of Betrayal in the House on the Hill next year. That could be cool.


I had spotted that announcement, I really like Betrayal so will be keeping a close eye on it.

Season 2 is different enough to be a new game, which is great but it is also still Pandemic enough to be familiar.


I’m trying my hand at DMing the adventure I wrote for D&D. The other players are very positive about the story and seem to be enjoying themselves.

Unfortunately there is only the two of them so I am also playing a character to keep the game balanced. It’s a shame because I have a really interesting angle I want to use for this character but need to limit it a bit to ensure they actually make it through the adventure.


Got a copy of Jaipur from my mum for Xmas.
The wife and I played through a game and it was a lot of fun. Easy to play but we both came away thinking about how we could play better.

Also, I love the dude on the back of all the cards. Look at the size of that turban!

Didn’t get a copy of Hive despite asking for it but may just buy a copy anyway.


I still have yet to play a physical copy of Jaipur, just the online variation that is on

Logan got a copy of x-wing miniatures game for Christmas as well as the TFA Millenium Falcon which came with Poe’s x-wing. He wasn’t interested in playing the game but he did want to fly the ships around.
Yesterday my in laws came and Lo asked his uncle if he wanted to play his Star Wars game and we got a full game completed (with the basic rules). Lo was much more engaged with it as he told his uncle all about Star Wars and how he was playing as the rebels who were the good guys and I was the empire and the bad guys etc. We also found a sound board for added effects which Lo enjoyed too.

I now feel the need to get another expansion to add something a little more substantial to the empire/first order than the two tie fighters.


There’s a set with Kylo Ren’s big fuck off shuttle from TFA out there…


I was thinking that or the tie he has in TLJ