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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


Probably the last game preparation blog for a while, as I’m in areas where I can’t document what I’m doing because it’s stuff the players aren’t allowed to read!


I can’t wait to be able to do stuff like this.
Great pic.
Did she enjoy watching the game? Or did you have to give her a few men to play with!


Sometimes RPGs don’t go where you want them to. On Saturday, I finished my 1930s “Daredevils” game and left myself with a temporal paradox…


A reader asks, “How does familiarity with the players affect the game?”


I have given my little introductory D&D adventure a brief test drive with my son as a “car adventure” but tomorrow I am starting a D&D club for the year 6’s at school.

I’m going to chat through the basics of gameplay and then give them this adventure as a guided introduction.

If they enjoy it I’ll take them through character creation and then run the starter set campaign for them.

Also, when I told the year 6’s about the club one of my colleagues said a former teacher ran a D&D club when her son was at the school and now, 20 years on, he still plays,
She then offered me all his old D&D books, apparently a shelf full.


Late 2nd edition era? That’s going to be an interesting mix of stuff…


I played Firefly again this evening, this time as a three player experience. It was infuriating dealing with the Reavers and one of the players clearly wasn’t enjoying it.
However as we really got into our stride it did become a race to complete the mission that would win the game.
I still don’t know how I feel about the game, which I think is grounds enough to keep it for now.


I’ve it played three times now, and while I enjoyed the first two games, the third one (the first where we didn’t just do the “beginners’ mission”) felt like one of those never-ending games of Monopoly. In the end, we said first one to reach goal 1 would win, because it was feeling like achieving all three goals would take a week.

There’s a lot to like about the game, but there are flaws too.


Did either of you guys play with the first expansion? I hear it fixes a lot of the problems with the base game.


My obsessive friend who owns the game has just bought every expansion :open_mouth:

So I guess we’ll be forced to play it pretty soon…


I have Breakin’ Atmo but I am very reluctant to purchase Pirates & Bounty Hunters when I’m so indifferent to the base game.


I’ve been trying to get more painting done but I can’t find the time.

Blood Bowl Orcs

I’m playing a new character with a different d&d group, so got myself a new miniature. This is the first coat but I have a feeling he is going to come out quite well.


I’m 25 figures into my Imperial Assault stash. Still got over 40 to go! Considering I haven’t painted in 20 years I’m quite pleased. Some are a bit shonky and rough but others are okay.


They’re looking good! Are you planning to flock the bases or anything, or just paint them a neutral colour?


They look fantastic. Great work.


Fai Lao is getting closer to completion.

He still needs a wash and highlight for his robes, features highlighting, eyes painting, the rope across his shoulder painting and something being done to his base.


He is nearly done.


Last night, my family and I played my parents’ old copy of Trivial Pursuit, from the early to mid 80s. Weird experience. The politically out of date questions weren’t the particularly difficult ones - for instance I got “which European country comes last alphabetically?”, and it was pretty obviously Yugoslavia (I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head what it is currently). It was the subtly dated questions that were the hard ones, eg “which was the last football team to play in the FA cup final and be relegated in the same season?”. I honestly can’t even remember the answer now and I’ve no idea if it’s the same now as it was then.

My dad got a real stinker though: “What was the name of Robin Moore’s best selling book about the Green Berets?” Answer: The Green Berets.


I have some Citadel Texture paints that seem to work quite well.


That’s not bad at all. I generally don’t buy Citadel/GW stuff but I might have to make an exception there.


I’ve fallen into an expensive rabbit hole.

I have bought the X-Wing miniatures game starter set for my eldest (and me) as a Christmas present.
Today this arrived to join it.

Which reminds me of this