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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


The only Kim Staney Robinson I’ve read was Escape from Kathmandu, which I enjoyed but it was very tongue-in-cheek and I suspect not representative of his other work.


That’s one of a couple of his I haven’t read yet. Still have to finish the Green Earth Trilogy, and I’ve got The Years of Rice and Salt as part of mount TBR right now.


There is a dedication to Kim Stanley Robinson in the rule book. Unfortunately this is entirely focussed on the Terraforming and not the socio-economic struggles it causes.


Can you surreptitiously hide oxygen-producing lichen in a network of fans designed to raise the surface temperature in order to kickstart the thickening of the atmosphere ahead of the agreed schedule?


There is certainly a range of lichen available for purchase and various fans. There is no schedule for temperature raising & atmosphere thickening but both are end game conditions.

At this rate I won’t need to read the Mars trilogy.


The game design blog staggers onward as I finally start to write down some background for the new game…


Testing the rules by creating a sample character…


My little self-contained adventure is pretty much complete. I just need to round it all off with a good post boss fight piece of narrative.

As it is essentially complete and due to the fact my eldest is getting quite good at d&d I decided to run through the adventure as an activity during a longer car journey.

This did mean that it was his level 2 character playing the basic encounters solo but the first encounter isn’t meant to be won. The following encounter did prove a little easy for him alone but I have written in an option for additional enemies to join the combat, he also benefitted from some awful rolls on my part.

His style of play did throw up a few things that I hadn’t thought of. For example after being told that one of the cabins he was passing was locked he immediately tried to break in. I hadn’t planed for this, luckily I was able to quickly think on my feet and used the appearance of an NPC to stop his attempt.


The whys and wherefores of using maps in a game…


I’ve just found the best thing ever. Weather reports for 1940!


Now musing on game balance in a rambling sort of way …


Played Star Wars Imperial Assault for the first time at the weekend. We have a full compliment of players, myself as the Empire and my buddies (4) as Rebel scum.

They didn’t want to do the tutorial mission so we just jumped straight in on mission 1. Predictably they started out very cautious and paid the price by running out of time before they completed their objective. The second outing was a side mission and after some early pummelling by some elite stormtroopers who dished out 3 consecutive attacks of 5 damage and wiped out one of the rebels (bear in mind the rebel only had 20 health) I honestly believed I would run rampant and destroy the opposition too easily.With that in mind I actually reigned in my play and took it a bit easier on the rebels so as not to suck all the fun out of the game.

However they upped their game and ended up trouncing me so perhaps I was a little too lenient. Anyway, we are already looking forward to when it can hit the table again.


When my friends and I played a few campaign games of imperial Assault, we began by humming the Star Wars theme while I read out the opening crawl from the start of the book.



Today I’m thinking about how the players should create characters…


This is cool:

I’ve never been involved in one of these “serious” simulation games, but I imagine they’re not the different from the war games I play.


That’s not too far from the truth


I’m testing the new game’s combat rules and, well, all is not going according to plan …


Part 2 of the rules test: “What Would Peter Parker Do?”


Cracked out Star Wars Imperial Assault for my first game of Skirmish at the weekend. My buddy went as the Empire and I was playing as Rebels.

I also drafted in a special dice roller. (she did not manage to fudge the dice rolls in my favour as I was hoping)

Chewie was the difference maker as he ran rampant crushing everything in his way. It was a good game and now we are more familiar with the changes compared to campaign mode I think the next game with be even better.