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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


That’s amazing, Jim. Such a brilliant idea, I can’t believe nobody’s though of it before!

Can you leak any details about gameplay or is it too early?


Cool Mini or Not? They do amazing figures


I built a game a few years ago called Crimeopolis. One player is the villains trying to rob a bank or kidnap a mayor or something, and the other is the hero patrolling a city board trying to find the crime before the villain finishes, and then trying to stop them. That was the template I used to pitch the idea and show how the superhero genre could work in a miniature board game type format.

Since then the design team have changed a bunch of different things and I’m not fully familiar with the latest version. They’ve made it much more linked to Kick Ass and the dynamics of learning to be a superhero.

Now that the Netflix deal is done there should be movement on the Reborn game, which you might be interested in. It’s a DnD type game with character generation based on personality traits. I’m working with Mantic for it, and what they’ve done with Walking Dead is an example of what they’re thinking.


That is very cool. CMON do have a great reputation for miniature games. Hopefully it isn’t as clunky as Zombicide.

I think a Chrononauts version of the Looney Labs game Chrononauts would be cool. I think they do a Back to the Future version of the game.


Wicked use of the Dropzone Terrain.

Mantic do solid games. Look forward to seeing rhe finished product.

Are you enjoying the creative process of them dissecting your vision and making it their own?
I know one or two folks who got into a fair few disputes trying to bring wargame visions to the table. They didn’t take the changes well.


I’ve taken my punches with CMON as it’s their money going into game development. They know this space far better than I do, so while the game is quite different it should still be fun. I think the 3D city board would have been spectacular though, rather than just another flat board.

Mantic have Reborn, and we’re in lockstep agreement. It’ll be a fantastic game.


Your 3D board is incredible, but how much would it add to a retail price? :open_mouth: I suspect they made the right decision.


Jim’s board is the cityscape from hawk wargames, which retails at like $30 for enough ground tiles and cardboard buildings to cover a 6x4 table. Which isn’t to say it’s affordable to add it to a board game, hawk’s DropZone commander 2-player starter set only includes a handful of buildings and a playmat that’s printed on the reverse side of a pair of posters


It’s still just paper though, and paper is cheap to print, even on cardstock. All in I imagine that cityscape would be about the same as having 10 extra mini’s, but without the need for tooling costs. It adds a bit to the weight, but not too bad. That $30 retail the Dropzone guys charge is insane markups. The whole box can’t cost more than $3 to put together.

Still, the mini’s for Kick Ass are totally cool and funny, so I can’t wait until everyone can see them. I think we have over 100 mini’s planned in total.


Been helping my wife paint Super Dungeon Explore.


Nice job.


It had better be. If I screw up, Nikki will make me strip it and start over. :wink:


Continuing my game creation: after rules and background research, finally I’m getting round to writing the storyline…


These are great @davidm, really informative.

A friend is going on holiday and has lent me his copy of Terraforming Mars while he is away. I can’t wait to have a go at the single player variant. I am hoping to convince my wife to play it with me at some point too.


After my first try at the solo varient I have come out pretty well. I completed two of the three necessary success goals but fell short of the final one by four places.

You only have 14 turns to complete these tasks and at the half way point I had only raised the temperature a few degrees.


Can you build an orbital elevator, and then if the colonists rebel can they cut the elevator’s cord, wrapping it around the equator two and a half times?


How does that work then? If they cut the cord at the bottom it would fly off into space. If they cut it at the top they’ve stranded themselves, cut off (literally :wink: ) from their own colony.

Stupid colonists.


They planted a bomb at the top during construction in case they ever needed to get rid of it.

And it was part of a revolution, in order to make it harder for reinforcements to arrive from Earth.

And seriously, have you not read the Mars Trilogy?


I seriously haven’t, though I’m aware of it and guessed that’s what you were talking about.

I could make some quip about it being too modern for me (1993 :wink: ) but the truth is that it’s been on my “list” for years, but that list is so long I doubt I’ll ever get through it :frowning:


I run hot and cold on Kim Staney Robinson, but the Mars Trilogy is seriously good. I’d definitely bump it up beyond whichever the next Lensman book you’re planning to read it :smiley: