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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


Gloomhaven has a lot of playability is why. 90+ hours to start with and a lot of replayability. Waiting on our Kickstarter version of 2nd edition when it finally gets here.


I’m reading the rules for an RPG set in World War II, and rather enjoyed this parenthetical aside:



Had a small mid-life crisis over the weekend and bought this lot.

I have no idea how much I’ll likely play it, who I’ll play it with, why I bought so many paints, and if I can still paint after not having done so for 20 years. Oh Dear. £300 maybe not so well spent (there are 3 other ally packs not pictured that haven’t arrived yet). I pretty much regret it already!




I’ve heard great things but I’ve never had the time to sit down and play. I think I’ve spent around £100 on paints recently.


It’s a great way to meditate and relax your mind after a day with the kids.


I did some Royal Guards yesterday after work and all I ended up with was bad back and some shonky paint jobs! I think painting with a good light source, which I didn’t have, is definitely key.


Drop me a line if you want some tips, I paint a lot of little dudes.

And Imperial Assault is a great game, I’ve played a few games and really enjoyed it.


A good light source is currently my biggest hurdle when it comes to painting. Its a shame I only get to paint in the evenings once the boys are in bed.


When I re-started painting a few years ago after a long gap, I soon found that my eyes are no longer good enough to work in electric light. I paint at a west-facing window in the early evening in natural light. I lay my stuff out on the windowsill itself, which means I have to stand up to be at the right height, but this is actually is a great relief after working a sit-down job all day. The downside of the approach is that I can only paint during the summer months :smiley:

My painting is rubbish, though, so don’t necessarily take my advice :wink:


Expanding a bit on my decision to set a super-hero RPG in WW2 (mentioned above), I’ve written a bit more about it on my blog:

(To be honest, this was just to get something on my blog, to get back into the swing of writing after too long a gap with other things on my mind.)


Started painting some IA minis but disaster struck. I spent about 5 hours on Han Solo and although it was never going to win any awards I was pleased with my work…and then I varnished him with Citadel’s Purity Seal.

FFS, it frosted the figure. Is there anything I can do to rectify this? I can’t face buying him again and spending all that time painting. I’m a mixture of gutted and pissed off.




Sometimes, spraying again will fix it. Alternately, paint over the worst parts again and just don’t varnish. Any points that scrape on the new top coat will only reveal a small amount of the frosted varnish.


Thanks. A quick google has revealed that GW Purity Seal is pretty much considered an awful product. I hear putting a gloss varnish on then reapply matte can work.

I will will be switching to Testors Dullcote.


I use Army Painter Matt Varnish myself, it’s the easiest non-GW varnish to get locally. Works pretty good aside from the one can where the spray head broke on me.


I’ll just leave this here…


Something less blurred…




Is brush on varnish an option? Why are sprays favoured?


Spraying is good at getting an even coat quickly, and you can use it to do multiple figures (or parts if you’re doing a kit or a vehicle mini) quickly. I do a lot of airbrushing so I built a spray booth out of foamcore that I can put on a stool outside and stop overspray for hitting the plants in our yard.

Brush-on varnish would work as well, but I can’t imagine it’d be healthy for your brushes and would be a pain if you were working on a lot of models at once.