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This is how we roll! A thread for board games...


Don’t worry, nothing can possibly go wrong there.



In Peking, we were asked by the british embassy to act as “commandos”, as the boers called it, and preserve a couple of ancient buddhist scrolls from the surrounding civil war in the city.

Naturally, this meant we had to break in to a temple and steal the scrolls first.

We tried communicating with.the local lords of the temple, but they simple refused understanding english no matter how slowly we tried speaking it. Very tragic. For them.

And for me! I was immobilized during the entire raid, because of the stabbing, and spent my first month in China recuperating at the embassy. We’ve been here for a year and a half, and now we’re leaving China. Next up: ???




You made the classic mistake of the tourist. The way to speak the local language is English BUT. SLOWER. AND. LOUDER


Riding the train through mongolia we were ambushed by horse mounted locals.

Here is a map detailing the train and the attack.

I was stabbed again. But at least I shot someone.


Aaaaand now we’ve been in Russian prison for the assassination of the Tsar’s cousin for over a year.

Which we, surprisingly, didn’t actually do.


Ok, so I’ve been running historical RPGs for a while now, advancing through history, and next up is World War 2. So I ask my players how they want to approach it.


Ha ha - no. (Did superheroes for 25 years, burned out, that’s why I’m doing historical games.)

How about… you’re French resistance in a small occupied town and–

“Is there going to be a painting of a fallen madonna with big boobies?”

(Evasive) There might be some pilfered art–

“No. Superheroes.”

Grrr… how about, you’re Germans in a penal batallion on the Russian front?

“Nope, read that comic. Want to be superheroes.”

Frassm rassm…how about a dirty dozen style group? You can be criminals who–

“Can we be super villains?”

Oh for God’s----ok, ok, the dirty dozen with super villains.




I loaded up Robinson Crusoe tonight and here’s how it went.

I was playing solo so took Friday and the Dog for extra help.

Turn 1. I did a triple explore to uncover more of the island…

…and got some good swag!

The treasure turned out to be 2 pelts…

…which was great as 4 of the 5 random inventions I pulled at the start needed pelts! Looking good.

Turn 2. I explored with the dog and tried to built a sack whilst Friday attempted to build a shelter.

Friday built the camp shelter successfully but took a would doing it. I failed to build the sack, git injured and heard a predator in the bushes. Turn 3. I attempt to build the sack again along with a roof. Friday works on the knife.

All three things built but I took another wound. Damn, I’m supposed to be a carpenter! Turn 4. I gather wood and build a fire. Friday works on a belt which will help gathering more produce.

Success all round but winter arrived and we had to move the came as resources dried up.

Turn 5. I explored woth the dog and gathered wood whilst Friday tried to build a shovel.

Turn 6. I built the hatchet to up my wood gathering (I needed to build a massive woodpile, set it alight and hope a passing ships sees it and swoops in for the rescue).
Turn 7. Used my storm-glass to see what the weather would be like this turn FFS. That’s the worst possible roll on those dice. Snow, rain and predator attack. I think that is a game ending roll in a game I was looking good in.

I try a double roof build to prepare.Built both levels but took 5 wounds! Injured myself twice and that beast attacked me.

Almost dead now.

Turn 8. Early weather report again. Are you kidding me? More double snow and double rain and this time the palisade breaks as well. Friday collects wood and I try to build more roofing.

I fail in fixing the roof, use my special ability to reroll the dice and fail again. That means I lose a food during the weather phase and as that was my only one I have no food to eat during the night phase and die. End of game.

This game is very thematic and sucks you in but man is it hard. The dice can really screw you and in a solo or 2 player game you can’t afford to make one wrong decision.


Cool game… :smiley:


Any progress? :slight_smile:


I died on turn 8 of 12. Those two weather rolls crushed me. This is only the third time I’ve played now. Two solos and one 2 player. Haven’t come close to winning in any of them.


How does it work if you play 2 player? Co-op?


Yeah, Co-op. 1-4 players but if just one player dies that’s game over.


Oh, the game is still weeks away :slight_smile: Progress so far is just acquiring rules that handle both mundane WW2 activities and superheroes (after an intensive evening of research, I picked Savage Worlds with the Weird War II and Super Powers companions, got a PDFs/hardcopy bundle so I could start reading them while the books are still in transit). I’ve got the period background outlined and ideas for the first mission, but lots of work still to do.

Meanwhile, wrapping up the “pulp adventures” game will take at least a couple more weeks, then my general approach is to do a “flashback” to an earlier era and play that for a few weeks while I get stuff together for the new game. I can run an old game with minimal effort, because I’ve already got the background in place and don’t have to learn new rules, so it frees up my prep time.


That game looks amazing!


Next playthrough I’ll explain a few more rules so the actions make more sense


Right, here we go then. I set up the board and drew two random pieces of starting equipment. Each one can be used twice and I used the broken bottle straight away which boosted my weapon value by two points. The Hammer and nails when used would let me use support for a build action which would help it succeed.

The goal of this first scenario is to build a wood pile which has to be done in a minimum of five separate turns as well as the fire invention. This needs to be done by rounds 10-12 when a ship will be passing.

I dealt out the fixed 9 start inventions plus a random extra 5.

Here’s a quick look at the dice distribution. The brown represents build actions, grey gather and green explore. each set has a success die (the Y means your action succeeds. If you fail, the two circles with crosses in them, you get 2 determination tokens which can be used for special abilities), an adventure die (if you roll a ? you take an adventure card) and a wound die (if you roll a broken heart you take a wound).
If you put two tokens stacked on an action you don’t need to roll the dice as it succeeds automatically. If you put just one you need to roll all three of the action type you are performing.

The weather dice determine snow rain and encounters and are rolled after all actions are complete. For this scenario I would be rolling the orange die on rounds 4-6 and then all three on 7-12.

I started off by using a Hammer and Nails to help me build my weapon level up 1.


I also did a double explore.

The first one got me a special token.(I used Friday and the dog)

Which gave me 3 determination tokens.

The second one I had to roll and succeeded with no adventure cards drawn and no wound.

By finding an island tile with the mountain symbol, it meant any invention with that requirement was now buildable.

Round 2 started with an event card (this happens every round except the first). The outcome was the next ‘arrange camp’ action (this action gives you morale and determination) required more labour. ugh. I accidentally read the card wrong and put it on the build action. (during the game I never went to the arrange camp action so this only affected me in a negative way and made the game harder as I treated my next build action as requiring more labour)

Each card also has a threat action. If you don’t do this within 2 turns you suffer the negative effect on the bottom of the card.

I attempted to build a shelter using 1 wood instead of 2 due to a special ability and even though I placed two action tokens, due to the -1 I placed on the build action I rolled the dice. Success and the -1 was removed but I took a wound. I also rolled for the knife and it was another success.

Friday explored and found a token for extra labour and some veg that could be turned into health if the pot is built.

I was also able make some inventions buildable by finding a grassy plains tile.

Turn 3 and the event card meant the previous card was discarded and I lost a determination.

I built the hatchet using the previously acquired extra labour and paid some determination to use fewer wood in the build.

Friday tried building the pot, failed, got two determination for his trouble and because he can’t draw and cards, the ? meant he took a wound.

I rolled for the rope build and it came up good.

New event card.,

Friday tried to build a roof and failed…

…but he used determination to reroll and did it!

I gathered wood, succeeded, took a wound and drew a card.

to be continued


AAAAARRRGGGHHH, I thought the next part had saved but it turns out it hadn’t. No way I’m typing it out again.


I really want to give Crusoe a go. It is in my Amazon wish-list but I can’t currently justify another quite expensive big box game.


This is edited highlights of a longer game behind Geek and Sundry’s paywall, hopefully it’ll go up for free on YouTube in a couple of weeks.